The Advanced Condition Builder for Microsoft Flow

Recently, Microsoft introduced an advanced Condition Builder for Microsoft Flow that makes it easy to insert multiple conditions without writing expressions. This Condition Builder is very intuitive and will seem familiar to most Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, because of the similarity to the advanced search in Dynamics CRM.

Understanding Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365

For most standard users, the topic of solutions seems complex, which is why they leave the work on a solution to professional service providers. This makes absolute sense in most cases. If it is a solution with many customizations and complex logic, untrained users should rather keep their hands off it. Nevertheless, it is helpful to understand how solutions work.

How-To: Reusable Components in Microsoft PowerApps

Until now there was no possibility to use reusable components in Microsoft PowerApps. It is possible to copy & paste individual components and paste them into the required place. However, if you want to make changes to this component, these changes must be made to all copied components individually. With the introduction of reusable components, the problem is a thing of the past.

The Most Basic Licenses You Need to Run Dynamics CRM

Which CRM is the most cost-effective for our company? This is certainly a question that many CEO’s or managing directors ask themselves when they are looking for a suitable customer engagement system. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, the cost factor plays an important role in the selection of the system. Therefore, we would like to present you, in the following blog article, the most cost-effective combination of licenses for Dynamics 365 for Sales.
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