Audit Compliance with Microsoft SharePoint

All companies are obliged to keep certain documents audit-proof for a legally prescribed period of time. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to keep a huge paper archive in the basement of a company. Digitalization also finds its way into auditable archiving. SharePoint Online makes it possible to comply with storage obligations under commercial and tax law.

9 Benefits of Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps is Microsoft's low-code development platform. As with other offerings in this category, the idea is to give business users a way to create simple applications through an interface that minimizes the need for custom code. PowerApps can also be used by professional developers to develop applications faster and easier than before.

Interesting CRM Statistics You Need to Know

The CRM market is already one of the largest software markets in the world. Nevertheless, analysts predict that the market will continue to grow rapidly. In the year 2022 the worldwide revenue is expected to be 29.77 billion US dollars. One of the reasons for this growth is the accessibility of the system. Companies want to be able to access data anywhere and in real time.

The Dynamics 365 Mobile Apps Guide

More and more companies are relying on mobile applications to increase their productivity. The biggest advantage is that the mobile device is almost always ready to hand. In the meantime, smartphones or tablets are replacing tasks that previously could only be done on a computer. Microsoft is aware of this trend and is constantly expanding its mobile applications for Dynamics 365.

9 Tips, How to Increase User Acceptance For a CRM System

The success of a CRM system depends to a large part on the acceptance of its users. Ideally, the new system should be used intensively by all employees in the company right from the start. After all, the productivity in the organization should be increased. Easier said than done, in practice there are many obstacles that can lead to a low user readiness. We will explain to you how to increase user acceptance for a CRM.
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