INKUBIT Linked In Sales Navigator

Today's blog article is about whether the LinkedIn Sales Navigator really promises what it is praised for. At first glance, it seems to be an all-around package that miraculously integrates with Microsoft's Dynamics 365, empowering sales associates to build relationships with their buyers and increase the chance of success for a collaborative effort, which of course is the primary goal of this application. From experience I can say that the personal relationship and trust for buyers comes first. A quick internet search revealed that 77% of buyers believe that sales people do not understand their business value. And this is where the LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes into play, because the main problem is often that the amount of information available is just too big. If we could improve this with better structure and management of information, it is possible to increase sales productivity by 12-15% and keep a clear head on our leads.

INKUBIT LinkedIn Sales Navigator


What LinkedIn's saying about their Sales Solution:

  • A direct lead capture in Dynamics with showing referrals
  • Find people on LinkedIn and view profile details such as photos, current role and work histor
  • Getting Companies & Lead Updates
  • InMail News Constitution and requirements can be made directly from Dynamics
  • Keep an overview of all your contacts


LinkedIn Sales Navigator installation

Let's switch over to the installation. The solution works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM 2016 in the versions 8.2 and 9.x, with most features fully achieved in MS Dynamics 365 (online) only. Before the actual installation we receive a notification that the installation is necessary to enable the synchronization of LinkedIn and Dynamics. The application is available as a managed solution but can not be installed without the System Administrator security role. If you own them, import the solution by the usual process.

After the import one is requested to log in with his LinkedIn profile to finish the synchronization settings:

INKUBIT LinkedIn Sals Navigator

The next page provides us with an API key and secret key that we need to copy and paste into the CRM.

To do this, one has to go into the CRM configuration settings to validate the two keys, and last but not least, the users can be assigned the LinkedIn security role.

Afterwards, the application can be tested and is ready for everyday use. Now, when we look at our leads using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we see information about shared contacts, articles, and groups. We can also access the buyer's LinkedIn profile directly through the CRM. The advantage of the whole is that we can better prepare ourselves for a possible conversation by seeing past conversations but also experiencing the interests of the buyer:

INKUBIT LinkedIn Sales Navigator

An insider's tip to increase your chance of success is to address by so-called 2nd connections. Ask linked person if they could not introduce you to your target person. In most cases (9 out of 10) this ends in a successful collaboration. The more connections we have the higher the likelihood that we will eventually be successfully linked to the target person and we can begin to build a confidential relationship.


First impression of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In short, the Sales Navigators offers a number of key benefits that may sound promising and are still under $ 60 / month for the team license. We need to keep in mind that acquiring buyers is a long-term process and LinkedIn Sales Navigator can identify the right people without losing track of all your contacts. The goal is to be with your target person on the same wave couch and to put yourself in his role:

INKUBIT Sales Navigator

Another feature, called Pointdrive, makes it possible to view the activities of specific people regarding uploaded documents in groups. In the screenshot below we see that the contact David has looked at various presentations in the group "Microsoft Relationship Sales" with information about the duration and number of slides.

INKUBIT LinkedIn Sales Navigator


For more information and materials, visit the Microsoft Webinar at Microsoft LinkedIn Sales Navigator.