The latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 update is going to be available by this spring. While the release date has not been specified yet, greater functionality is expected from this update that goes by the code name “Carina.” The following 10 features make up the most exciting changes to the user interface and functionality:

 Branding your CRM via Themes

This feature gives you the option of having your logo displayed at the top of the navigation bar as well as adjusting the CRM colors to your liking. Hence, this customization option allows you to alter your CRM so that it better reflects your organization.

customizing your CRM system with Microsoft Dynamics

Navigating the Main Menu 

If you are already using Microsoft Dynmaics Marketing, you will be familiar with the new design of the CRM navigation. Instead of the home icon, you can now utilize the main menu option, which means that you will not have to scroll down as often in order to find what you are looking for.

Navigation bar in Microsoft Dynmamics CRM 2015

 Pinned/ Recently Viewed Items

You will find a new icon in the navigation bar, which allows you to quickly access all items that have been pinned or recently viewed.

Recently viewed items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Information Integration via OneNote

Use OneNote to capture your meeting details. You can now share this information with other CRM users via the Social Pane.

Advanced Find 

In Advanced Find, you now have access to the “Older Than” option. Since you can use the “Older Than X Minutes,” “Older Than X Hours,”…. “Older Than X Years” feature, this will make your search a whole lot more efficient.

Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

The Advanced Find button was moved back to the main toolbar. It can now be found next to the normal search in the header ribbon.

Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

New Design of the “Export to Excel” Function  

Instead of using a wizard to export to Excel, you can now make use of the single-click download option. Moreover, you can im-/ export up to 100,000 records or a total of 32 MB of data. As such, the number of records that can both be im- and exported have been multiplied by a factor of 10.

Exporting data to Excel with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Use Excel Online

This new feature is going to quickly become a user favorite. Simply click on “Export to Excel” and then “Open in Excel online” to try out this new feature. Analyzing or editing Excel data is now possible online.

Using Excel Online with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

E-Mail Tracking

You can now make use of a tracking folder, which allows you to automatically track e-mails in CRM. Adding your e-mails to this folder can either be done manually or by using the Exchange Inbox rules. However, server-side synchronization is required in order to take advantage of this Feature.

New Smartphone Features

Voice commands are now available for Windows phone in order to access CRM data. Moreover, you can now enjoy the same CRM experience on your phone that has been available for tablet users already.

Improved Customizer Platform and System Administration

The following adjustments have been made:

  1. A date only field has been added
  2. Business rules may be removed/ set to null
  3. Now() and DateDiff functions were added to calculated fields
  4. You can create new system rules for automatic record creation in case of incoming activity or updates

Microsoft strives to adapt all products to the constantly changing customer demands. The ultimate goal is to provide a system which helps to increase the productivity and effectivity of all company activities at the same time. Here you can find out Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to be more successful.