Yet again, Microsoft was able to be recognized as one of the Leader in the CRM Customer Engagement area in the newest Gartner Report. This is already the fifth time in a row that Microsoft could position their Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in the leading area of the “Magic Quadrant”. Even though Microsoft was not able to climb to the top, like in the last Forrester Report, however Microsoft is on a good way to reach this goal with strong growth rates in the customer engagement sector. Leaders are characterized through a particular strength in: scalable cloud-based systems, real-time and predictive analytics/contextual insights, usage of AI and Machine Learning, engagement of social media, and connection to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Gartner Report

The Strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

According to Gartner Microsoft has following strengths:

  • Reference customers reported that Microsoft offers an intuitive user interface and straightforward customization tools, which lead to fast setup of standard customer service environments.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular set of products that extend beyond customer service and share a common data service. Organizations can add Dynamics 365 capabilities such as Power BI, PowerApps (for citizen developers to build custom apps), sales, procurement and field service.
  • Microsoft is one of the world's most financially stable and profitable software companies. Its product integrates with software lines that have over 1 billion users. Reference customers reported good integration with Microsoft products and other standard tools.
  • Microsoft continues to offer both on-premises and online versions with the same or similar functionalities on the same code base. It supports a wide range of local languages. It is one of few options available to organizations that are unable or unready to use the cloud.
  • Through the Unified Service Desk, organizations can better integrate and automate across Microsoft Dynamics 365, legacy and third-party data applications.

Criticized were the little investments in pre-sales activities and direct sales. Especially the complex online-services need to be communicated more intensively, so customer understands the benefits. It is also necessary for Microsoft to involve the ISV partner more in the development of the platform in order to increase attractivity for them.

Besides that, Microsoft seems to be on the right track to expand their position in the “Magic Quadrant” of the Gartner Report. We at INKUBIT are convinced that Microsoft will take over leadership in the most important customer engagement reports.

Link to the Gartner Report