Microsoft has been recently focused on improving the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps. By introducing several great new features designed to optimize user adoption issues the mobile Apps are now more user-friendly. Working on the go has become easier than ever before with the new mobile controls in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Mobile Controls

In Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft introduced several improved Mobile Controls that can replace any standard data entry field on forms for phone and tablet clients. These mobile-only controls are designed for everyday tasks like entering data and provide a more appealing and faster way to consume data while on-the-go.

Controls for Working with Numbers

Number Input: Editing numeral data has become easier with this new control. It shows up when a user enters the field change mode. Users can edit data by tapping on the “+and “- buttons or tapping on the number itself.

Radial Knob: This control shows numeric values with a circle presentation and provides a fun way to view margins or percentages of completion. Users can determine the range and value to be displayed.

Arc Knob: The arc knob offers another great way to visualize the state of progress. Again, the range is fully configurable to suit your needs.

Linear Gauge: Drag values across a preset range or tap ahead to jump to a preconfigured step. Users can also enter data using their mobile keyboard when using this control.

Linear Slider: This control can also be used for numeric entry. Unlike other controls here you cannot entry data from a mobile keyboard.

Bullet Graph: This tool helps users quickly understand how the entered number lines up within a marked range and target number objectives.

This control has settings for minimums and maximums for the overall range. A setting for “good” or “bad” values adds shading and values for a target value, all of which can be calculated fields based on others on the form, creating a very dynamic experience.

Star Rating: This control is used to display a number on a scale of 0 to 5 and offers a simple way to view a rating.

If your data is not 0 to 5, try creating a calculated field resulting in a value in the 0 to 5 range, then chose to only show this new field on your mobile client.

Controls for Better Data Entry

Option Set: Displays short option sets. Users can view selected and other options without entering the field’s edit mode. To change to another option, one must simply tap on the new value.

Titles of options that are too long to fit will be obscured with ellipses.

Flip Switch: Choose between to options by using the switch button.

Input Mask: Helps users fit data into a predetermined input format by specifying it ahead of time. It appears as normal control:

When in edit mode, the Input Mask is revealed:

This is useful for phone numbers and other region-specific data entry.

Auto-complete: Accelerate data entry and keep data quality high with this control. Enable your users to select common responses or select from a list of known options. Values can be taken from a view of existing records or values from an option-set field.

When users type in the desired response or option in the field, there will be a list of results displayed from the source provided.

Alternatively, the user can make use of this controls drop-down menu to view what options are available and select the desired option.

Signature/Pen-input: With this handy enter-once control users can collect signatures on their mobile devices.

The user has the option of clearing and starting over, but once the submit checkbox is selected, the value is set as read-only.

Controls for Improved Presentation

Calendar: Users can look up their phone calls or appointments within a user friendly calendar view control. This control can be used on dashboard, entity list view, or as a sub-grid within another form.

Website Preview: This control gives its users to see a preview of a web URL text field. Small preview is enabled only after entry or existing value is present.

Multimedia: Show linked media such as audio or video materials using URL fields. Save loading screens and display a sales process in a unique way with this useful Tool.