The CRM Add-on for Outlook is a useful and highly appreciated feature. Once installed, users can easily synchronize their appointments in their calendar, their emails in their inbox and their calls with their to-do list. Data sets, which were created in Outlook, can easily be transferred to the CRM system by using the "Track / Untrack"-Feature. When a data set is created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is automatically inherited into Outlook.

 Tracking emails with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The following content from the CRM system can be attached to an email:  

  • sales literature
  • articles
  • e-mail templates


The „convert to“ feature is another useful function, which enables users to convert an email to an entity within the 365 system. This is especially useful when employees receive a customer complaint via email. This email can be converted into a case and assigned to an employee with just one click, giving that specific employee all the information he needs to handle the case. One can also track the entire case management process and ensure that the customers problem is quickly solved.

 Converting an email to an entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRMConverting an email to a lead

Converting an email to a lead is also no longer a problem, as adding Outlook data has become easier than ever before. The „convert to“ features not only make transferring data to the CRM system easier, but also prohibit that information gets lost. Therefor your organization will not miss out on any opportunities. Just remember to install the Outlook Add-on if you want to make use of these useful and time-saving functions.

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