SAP® products are one of the most important data sources for corporations. The connectivity between Power BI and SAP® is a long-awaited feature by a lot of companies, that for example want to have more details about transactions that were made in the past.

The SAP HANA® Connector, that is available since the January update, allows to create reports that have a direct connection to SAP HANA®. It is possible to publish these reports in the Microsoft Power BI Service, to share them with other employees and collaborate with your colleges. However some features need an enterprise gateway to the Power BI Service, to publish on-premise data for the reports.

The native SAP HANA® Connector in Microsoft Power BI

With the newest release it is possible for the users to connect easily with SAP HANA® with the help of the native SAP HANA® connector. In order to create visually attractive, technical sophisticated and interactive reports. Whether the data model, nor the usage of complex technical schemata for navigation, limit the possibilities of Power BI for non-technical end-users. The intuitive point and click interface makes the unlocking and sharing of insights and reports straightforward.

Here a short introduction video about Microsoft Power BI and SAP HANA®:

SAP HANA® with Microsoft Power BI

The SAP HANA® connector from Microsoft puts Power BI tools like analytical and calculated views in the foreground and makes it easy to detect important contents and relationships. Advanced users are still able to connect directly via SQL to the rows and columns of the data base tables. However, the usage is kept simple, without excluding complex application scenarios. With permission of the user, Power BI can reveal complex relations in the data base and create relevant reports with the help of artificial intelligence.

Calculated values and data types can be chosen very easily with end-user friendly entries in the schemata. If necessary, parameter and variables can be provided with automatically resolved look up values. This tool allows a review if the data for the user, so they can decide which information is important, before the data is transferred.

With the support of the Kerberos Constrained Delegation it is possible to build an extensive security concept without configurating the complex security rules of HANA®. According to Microsoft they will enrich the connector for the Power BI service/gateway with the SAML based single sign-on method. What’s more, they will add the SAP HANA® certificates this year.

The possibilties of the SAP HANA® Connector of Power BI

  • Supports SAP HANA® Information Models (Analytical/Calculation views)
  • Direct SQL Support for Row & Column Tables
  • Optimized Navigation for SAP HANA® models
  • Two connector modes: Relational & Multidimensional
  • Rich support for native SAP HANA® concepts, ahead of 3rd party BI tools: hierarchies, non-additive measures, default variables values etc.
  • Import & DirectQuery Modes
  • Supported in On-premises Data Gateway (enterprise mode) for Power BI service refresh
  • Single Sign-on Support via Kerberos-constrained Delegation for user impersonation in Power BI Service (DirectQuery)
  • Built on top of SAP HANA® ODBC driver

The possibilties of the SAP BW® Connector of Power BI

  • Supports SAP BW® 7.x
  • Ability to connect to application server & message server
  • Connect to InfoCubes & QueryCubes (including BEx queries)
  • Multi-Dimensional connector that supports the nuances of BW accurately (hierarchies, variables, etc.)
  • Supports display names & technical names for easier navigation, as well as variables, member properties (key/short/medium/long text, custom dimensions properties), hierarchy/hierarchy nodes, etc.
  • Import & DirectQuery modes
  • Supported in On-premise Data Gateway (Enterprise mode) for Power BI Service Refresh
  • Built on top of SAP NetWeaver® RFC
  • Received official SAP® certification for BW


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