What is Microsoft Social Engagement?

Microsoft Social Engagement is an analysing tool which enables its users to listen to the social buzz around their organization. Social Media data is tracked in real time, so you are always up to date. Microsoft Social Engagement not only helps you to better react to social media posts, but also helps you to identify sales opportunities and leads, saving you time and costs. Read further and find out what else Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer or try the test version: http://aka.ms/MSL-Trial.


With Microsoft Dynamics Social Engagement users can gather and analyse social media data from various sources, such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr. Due to the growing importance of social networks Microsoft will include further sources in the upcoming versions.

Microsoft Social Engagement Sources

Social Center

In the social center users can manage their own personal stream, with which they are given an overview of all social media activites. Users can also share their stream with other users and therefore grant them access to their data. By default, the social center has an inbox-stream, which shows all social media posts referring to that specific user. Users can also view the posts they have published or those that have been shared with that user. The CRM system offers the possibility to create social media profiles. These create a connection to external social media sources and enable employees to interacte with customers and react to social media posts. Users can also use these features to send private messages or coordinate tasks. The latter is only possible when using Twitter and Facebook.

Languages and regions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can detect and analyse social media posts in various languages, including English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Users can also track the regional source of the social media post and therefore acquire more information on the person behind that post. To manage the languages, which are to be detected, simply go to „Settings“, „Administration“ and click on „Languages“.

Language options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When doing so an action field will appear, where you can select the required languages.

Language options with Microsoft Dynamics Social Engagement

Users can also manage the regions which are to be analysed under “settings”. Regions can also be grouped by certain criteria. For example you could create a group of regions, where the main languages is French.


All social media data gathered by the CRM system are analysed and translated into sentiments, meaning posts with negative connotations are considered as negative and posts with positive connotations as positive. Identifying sentiment can be tricky, when the content of a post contains sarcasm. This could result in the post being wrongly analysed. Cases like this will be prohibited with „Machine Learning“, which will be introduced with the upcoming version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This will help the system to better identify sentiment and learn from mistakes.


Users can create a connection between the CRM system and various social networks. The CRM integration is possible online and on premise.

Users can view social media data within CRM forms, such as the lead form, by creating a connection to social networks. Social media data can also be used to create dashboards. The powerful visualizing tool, Microsoft Power BI, enables users to create professional and appealing diagrams and include social media data. For example one could create a diagram showing the amount of negative social media posts vs. positive posts within a certain time span. To do so simply go to „Dashboards“ and click on the „+“ symbol to create a new dashboard. To add a diagram click on the diagram icon. An action field will then appear showing a variety of diagram types, which you can choose from. Chose the diagram type that best suites your need and define the parameters within the diagram.