Which CRM is the most cost-effective for our company? This is certainly a question that many CEO’s or managing directors ask themselves when they are looking for a suitable customer engagement system. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, the cost factor plays an important role in the selection of the system. Therefore, we would like to present you, in the following blog article, the most cost-effective combination of licenses for Dynamics 365 for Sales.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales version, which we discuss in this article, is the online version. So, there is no need to invest in any kind of hardware. The maintenance of the hardware is completely in the responsibility of Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can be opened via any Internet browser on almost any device.

Most Basic Licenses Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Sales for Small Business

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, 80% of all companies in Germany were micro-enterprises in 2016. The maximum number of employees in these organizations is nine. Let's imagine a small service company with a lot of direct customer contact. Usually, the owner of the company is also the managing director and involved in almost every process.

Nevertheless, in most cases there is a supporting employee who takes over administrative and organizational tasks. Three of the employees work in the field, that are creating the majority of the new contacts, companies and sales opportunities.

The remaining employees mainly use the contacts in Dynamics 365 and make minor changes to them.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional License

With this license there are some restrictions like a maximum number of 15 custom entities and a maximum number of two forms (operating masks) per entity. However, this license is enough for an organization with low complexity. Most importantly, there are no restrictions on creating, editing, or deleting contacts, companies, or opportunities.

The number of this license should be six:

  • 1x Administrator
  • 1x Management
  • 1x administrative employee
  • 3x sales representatives

Now some of you may be wondering why the role of administrator cannot be taken over by management or the administrative employee. Theoretically this would be possible, but in practice we would not recommend it. The administrator has a lot of rights in the system and should always be used separately. Whenever changes are made to the system.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member License

This license is especially suitable for users who only need read permissions and only need write permissions for a few entities. The Team Member license contains write permissions for the contact entity, so the license is ideal for our case.

This license is needed 4x for the remaining employees in the company.

Monthly Costs for Dynamics 365 for Sales for a Small Business

(6 x 54,80€) + (4 x 6,70€) = 355,60€

With 355,60€ per month, more than 80% of the companies in Germany can already benefit from an extensive CRM.

It is no problem to upgrade a user with the Team Member license to the next larger license. The license is simply purchased and given to the corresponding user in the Dynamics 365 Administration Center. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses, we recommend the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.