Roambi® has been an integral part of the product lineup of the SAP SE since 2016. The tool for visual processing of unstructured business data on mobile devices was supposed to take mobile reporting to the next level. In the meantime, everyone has understood that Roambi® has successfully supplemented the SAP SE's Analytics portfolio. The core of the application is "Analytics", a visualization tool for mobile devices that prepares analysis results of business data in a mobile-friendly way. Additionally, there is "flow". This tool makes it possible to enrich analyses with additional information such as text or multimedia content and prepare them in a reader-friendly style on mobile devices.


What offers Roambi®?

With Roambi® you can create, publish and share mobile business intelligence reports, diagrams and dashboards on devices such as smartphones and tablets with different operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows). The company data can be condensed intuitively and interactively and lead to clear and technically interpretable illustrations. As a cloud-based tool, Roambi® aims to be a self-service BI tool for every employee. For this purpose, various templates for diagrams, tables and cockpits are available, which can be individually adapted and are quick and easy to use.

As a tool for mobile decision making and support, Roambi® appeals in particular to field staff such as sales representatives or field technicians.

Roambi SAP SE

Which Data Sources can be Visualized with Roambi®?

Since SAP Roambi works independently of the type of data, extensive sources can be used, like for example:

  • Public digital information sources
  • Data and image storage services
  • Databases
  • dashboards
  • spreadsheets
  • business intelligence systems
  • CRM systems
  • videos
  • PDF documents

Where is Roambi® Used in Practice?

According to SAP SE, the tool is used successfully in the world's largest companies in a wide range of different industries. The following industries and processes are just a few examples of many more:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Ad hoc visualization of sales data by field sales representatives
  • Retail: Visualization of complex mass data from the retail trade
  • Financial services: Direct tracking and evaluation of sales calls and identification of immediate improvement measures

Advantages of Roambi® in Practice

Roambi® generates various advantages for companies and their employees:

  • The Mobile-First approach allows the data to be visualized and interpreted by any employee at anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast and intuitive data access and exchange across the enterprise.
  • No additional hardware, software or maintenance required as Roambi® is deployed in the cloud.

How Can You Use Roambi®?

SAP SE offers Roambi® as a cloud-based tool in a monthly subscription. A 30-day trial version is also available. The app can be downloaded from the app stores of the different operating system.

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