Hohenstein Institute

The Hohenstein Institutes are an accredited test laboratory and research institute. The focus is on the examination of textiles and their certification. In addition to these services, research and development of textile products and applications of all kinds is one of the core competences. This includes both contract research and publicly funded research projects. In addition to this, there are numerous of training programs, for companies, along the entire textile production chain.



Our customer Hohenstein who is specialized in the textile and chemical testing industry faced challenges to depict processes of their sales and marketing department with national and international locations in a scalable application. An evaluation of different CRM solutions took place to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the respective solutions and to analyze the processes of the various business areas of the institute to subsequently map them into CRM within the framework of the project. As they already had an older CRM solution in place, a migration of the data to the new solution should be carried out. An integration into the company's ERP solution as well as other systems within the complex IT landscape should be implemented in order to achieve more automation and data homogeneity.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was chosen as a platform for the mapping of sales and marketing processes in the context of the Group-based IT strategy. Particular attention should be paid to the international orientation of the organization as well as the project as a driver for the consolidation of various main and secondary processes via CRM and xRM (extended relationship management).

INKUBIT Reference

Project Implementation

After a preliminary diagnosis and requirement analysis phase according to "SureStep", the project was implemented within the agile management framework "Scrum". The individual requirements from the requirement analysis phase were stored as PBIs within the product backlog and implemented over several iterations taking into consideration milestones. In addition to the customizing of the system and the implementation of processes, a great amount of attention has been paid to the ability to evaluate the data through dashboards, diagrams and reports. The aspect of the key figure-based sales and marketing system regarding a data-driven organization had a high priority within the implementation.

Project Management

Within the implementation phase, great attention was paid to the software quality so that, in addition to manual user acceptance tests, a technical test automation was carried out, which resulted in component and integration tests, as well as in future regression tests for software upgrades, which allowed an early discovery of possible components misconduct.

Project Result

The go-live of the project was realized over two days outside the business hours because a large amount of data had to be migrated between the old and new CRM. With the new CRM solution, Hohenstein Institute is in a position to coordinate an international level of sales, marketing and other secondary processes and evaluate customer management processes. Due to the high proportion of test automation and improved integration mechanisms, the monthly CRM maintenance costs could be reduced by 90%.


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