icotec AG

icotec develops solutions for the treatment of movement diseases by the use of innovative BlackArmor implants; for patients and doctors. As a life science company, icotecs focuse is on medical products made from BlackArmor carbon / PEEK materials, as they are world leader in the field of carbon / PEEK implants.



Our customer icotec AG from the life science industry was faced with the challenge of representing the processes of their sales and marketing in a scalable application. Sales and marketing processes should be measurable for management and be shown on dashboards in a data model and success measurement. As icotec AG has a very complex product portfolio, the depiction of this information was a must-criterion to be able to map the sales opportunities as precisely as possible.

The migration of the old data from the customer's original CRM system was perceived as an opportunity to increase the data quality. So an extended ETL package has been developed in addition to the Migration-ETL package in order to transform and improve the data and reduce duplicates in the new CRM system.


Within the business IT strategy Microsoft solutions were chosen, so the selection of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best platform for the representation of the sales and marketing processes. Particular attention should be given to the measurability of various operational CRM and xRM data, on the basis of which various KPIs and diagrams were designed and developed for dashboards.

Project Implementation

After a preliminary diagnosis and requirement analysis phase according to "SureStep", the project was implemented within the agile management framework "Scrum". The individual requirements from the requirement analysis phase were stored as PBIs within the product backlog and implemented over several iterations taking into consideration milestones. In addition to the customizing of the system and the implementation of processes, a great amount of attention has been paid to the ability to evaluate the data through dashboards, diagrams and reports. The aspect of the key figure-based sales and marketing system regarding a data-driven organization had a high priority within the implementation.


Project Management

Within the implementation phase, great attention was paid to the software quality so that, in addition to manual user acceptance tests, a technical test automation was carried out, which resulted in component and integration tests, as well as in future regression tests for software upgrades, which allowed an early discovery of possible components misconduct.

Project Result

The go-live of the project was accompanied and realized over four days outside the business hours. Icotec AG is now in a position to achieve an international sales and marketing process in order to better coordinate and evaluate its customer management. After Go-Live of the project, the customer has transferred the maintenance and support activities for the CRM instance and activities to INKUBIT Business Solutions, in which 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support as well as continuous improvement and further development of the system is ensured.

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