Tauber-Solar Group

The TAUBER-SOLAR Group plans, finances and operates large solar power plants on rooftop and open spaces in Germany and in other European countries. Since its founding in 2001, more than 520 solar power plants, including the worlds largest roof-mounted systems, have already been produced, supplying clean energy. The unconditional will to promote and realize sustainable energy production distinguishes the TAUBER-SOLAR Group in particular. Already more than 3,000 co-entrepreneurs and investors were able to convince themselves of this and contribute to the idea of the solar community.



 As a company, the customer Tauber-Solar from the solar technology sector faced the challenge of mapping important sales, contract management and support processes related to plant maintenance in a structured and scalable application. An evaluation of different CRM solutions should take place to weigh the pros and cons of the respective possibilities and to analyze the processes of the different business areas of the company, in order to map them within the framework of the project in CRM as Tauber-Solar was not relying on any IT systems before.


As part of the company's IT strategy of relying on Microsoft solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been chosen as a platform for mapping sales processes and integrating complex PV systems to deduct inverter information. Particular attention should be paid to the orientation of the organization, and the project should be designed as a driver for the consolidation of various main and ancillary processes via CRM. As the document management tool, the Documents Core Pack was decided on which automatically generated documents are generated.

Project Implementation

 A comprehensive company and process analysis was carried out to map all business areas and their processes centrally in D365 CRM, whereupon a project implementation within the agile management framework "Scrum" took place. The individual requirements from the requirements analysis phase were stored within the main project as individual modules and implemented over several iterations with the consideration of milestones. In addition to the customizing of the system and the implementation of processes, great attention has been paid to the readability of the data through dashboards, diagrams and reports. The aspect of the KPI-based sales and contract management system with regard to a data-driven organization had a high priority within the implementation.

Project Management

Project Result

The go-live of the project was realized over two days outside business hours. After Go-Live, Tauber-Solar is in a position pace to achieve, coordinate and evaluate sales, contract management and support processes more efficient than ever. The high proportion of test automation and improved integration mechanisms have reduced monthly CRM maintenance costs by 90% and efficiently integrated with the accounting system.

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