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Passion is one of the main building blocks of our company. We believe that we can only deliver outstanding results if we show passion for what we are doing on a daily basis. For us, this means we have passion for technology as a tool to help businesses not only grow but become more effective and sustainable in the future. Our passion comes from an understanding why particular tools or technologies drive the business of our customers.

At INKUBIT, we believe in an environment of trust and transparency towards our employees, customers and partners. Trust is the base for creating a culture of openness and striving towards the best possible results, but also allowing some risk to have space for innovation.Integrity: Striving for accuracy and consistency with thoughtful actions and outcomes is how we want to work with other people. We value trustworthiness and acting with transparency.

We believe aking ownership in decision making and communication is manifested by good leadership

We don’t necessarily say what people want to hear, but we say what needs to be said. That means hierarchical structures are not stopping us from honest feedback and honest discussions. Only in that way we can make the best possible decisions. We believe that clutter needs to be removed and communication needs to be precise. We are willing to challenge the status quo with good practices and honest discussion to encourage our team to act as rebels with a good cause.

Commitment to excellence:
By doing what we do with passion and with our heart we don’t let ourselves be satisfied with average results. Striving towards excellence in our services and going the extra mile by thinking about the future is our commitment to our customers, colleagues and partners.

Remarkable innovation throughout history always came from curiosity. We are curious to discover and understand people, approaches, methods and new technologies to improve not only our work and products but ourselves, with an open mind.

Empathetic concern:
We understand that empathy leads to loyalty, accelerated productivity and innovation. Empathy is our key to reach excellence in customer satisfaction and helps us to bring our customer relations into a level of long-term partnership and effective collaboration. Empathy is also the key to better understanding and working in our teams.

Fun to work with:
We spend a vast majority of our lifetime at work. Our goal is to build a company focusing on bringing value to our customers with technology and business advice, and a big amount of passion for what we are doing on a daily basis. We absolutely believe that fun, creativity and innovation always involve having passion and pleasure in what you do and enables you to go through challenges with the right mindset.

We believe that theory and practice should form a two-way synergy, practice should follow from theory but also theory should follow from practice. When it comes to implementing our knowledge, we believe that solutions should be built up using the “as little as possible, as much as necessary” approach which leads to elegant, maintainable and affordable solutions.