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SAP® and Banking – Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP)

The requirements in the financial world regarding the finance and risk architecture in data processing have grown steadily in recent years. Progressive financial institutions are very interested in implementing this requirement with new technologies. With the Financial Services Data Platform, SAP® offers to further digitalize the core business of banks. This is consistently implemented with the help of the SAP HANA® in-memory platform. FSDP is based on the Bank Analyzer from SAP® and is a further development of the proven product. The platform contains applications for analytical and operative banking. Requirements such as Risk Adjusted Performance Measurement, Basel III, IFRS and CRD IV are supported by the solution.



Management of Data with FSDP

For a uniform reporting system, the data model was standardized and all controlling, financial and risk data summarized. SAP® PowerDesigner® (formerly known as Sybase Power Designer) is already integrated into the FSDP solution in order to guarantee professional modelling of company-wide data. The data can either be extracted and processed from a connected source system (ETL method) or from the company's own database using SAP HANA®. In order to check data for plausibility, there are a number of mechanisms for checking data, such as duplicate and consistency checks. Data security is guaranteed by a comprehensive authorization system. This makes it possible to evaluate customers in a city without having to provide information about the exact place of residence and the name of the individual. The data can be traced at any time from the time it is recorded to the final reporting, which is necessary according to regulatory requirements.

Analysis of Data with FSDP

The uniform data model enables easy, more efficient reporting with a multitude of analytical functions. Prefabricated reports from controlling, financial reporting and regulatory reporting can be adapted to the individual needs of a financial institution. The combination of SAP HANA® and the analytical tools of SAP® ensures the correct analytical risk assessment. Tracking down the details of individual bookings is possible in an efficient way.

Customer Benefits of the Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP)

  • Cost savings through efficient implementation of analytical requirements
  • Flexibility and adaptability of the platform to individual needs
  • Uniform technical data model guarantees uniform evaluation of the special departments
  • Prefabricated reporting with customized reports (Finance & Risk Analytics Rapid Deployment)