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With SAP Business Intelligence to an Intelligent Business

Do you want to provide decision-makers with the best possible foundation for quickly making informed and sustainable decisions that will help you meet your company's goals? Well-evaluated and prepared information, dashboards and reports on business processes, competitor and market developments are nowadays the essentials for an optimal corporate management. SAP Business Intelligence solutions provide you with efficient tools to drive the integration and scalability of your organization.





INKUBIT - holistic, solution-oriented consulting and support in BI

We at INKUBIT know what is important in Business Intelligence - due to our many years of experience with both SAP BI and Microsoft BI tools. Our experts combine business management know-how with IT knowledge to develop the right Business Intelligence architecture for you, to implement it smoothly and to adapt it to your requirements. We offer you an allround service from requirements analysis, solution conception and implementation to follow-up support and documentation. The integration of your system landscape is carried out for you quietly and without great noise. In the introduction and expansion of your SAP BI solution, you can focus on what is important to you: identify operational and strategic key figures and drive your business forward.



Holistic SAP BI Service at INKUBIT



We find the right BI solution for you, you find perfect BI support

We would be pleased to advise you on the latest SAP technologies in the BI area, which meet your requirements - as well as with a special focus on SAP BI solutions in the banking environment - usually in combination with a SAP Bank Analyzer. Here you can get an impression of our SAP BI performance portfolio:


SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)

Our SAP certified BI experts at INKUBIT are there for you in all questions concerning the business warehouse. Whether it is extracting, transforming, loading, or providing key business information you need to make decisions, whether "pure" into the BW or "out", whether "front-end" or "back-end" - we are here for you!

SAP Business Warehouse combines all the valuable data for your company to analyze and evaluate them. SAP BW was and remains one of the most important SAP components in a consolidated SAP system landscape, even at HANA times.






We at INKUBIT help you to make your SAP BW HANA-ready: the migration of your SAP BW data to the HANA database is our challenge, as is the related remodeling of your SAP BW architecture. Our goal and your advantage: a more efficient evaluation of your data, because the combination of the SAP BW on HANA enables you to develop a new scale and speed regarding the use of your data.

SAP HANA is an in-memory computing platform that helps you accelerate business processes by analyzing large amounts of data with high performance. At the same time, you are kept updated on the latest information by real-time data and ideally prepared to make advanced decisions.



SAP Business Objects (SAP BO)

Our experts at INKUBIT support you in choosing your SAP BusinessObjects tool, as well as integrating and implementing them into your reporting landscape. As an interface to the end user, we identify your evaluation requirements thanks to our business management expertise and provide you with a tailored SAP BO.

SAP BusinessObjects provides front-end solutions that enable reporting and visualization capabilities for your enterprise data,  which exceed that of a SAP Business Warehouse. Intuitive queries make the analysis of your BI data easier and target-oriented.