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Professional IT Consulting

We would like to help you to increase your competitiveness, to react quicker on continuously changing customer requirements, optimize products and services, winning new markets, maximize profits and increase the value of your company in long term. We create a technology and application environment which is precisely tailored to your requirements, highly scalable, available at any time, open for future developments and standards and supports the core of your business.



INKUIBIT Consulting





INKUBIT COnsulting


Our service portfolio includes consulting in architecture, strategy, technology and the developing of an individual solution. We cover every customer section, as well as the whole IT life cycle.

IT Architecture and Strategy Consulting

Innovative technologies help your company to create business value, as well as stand out from your competitors. With the use of cloud services, mobility, big data and social media you can improve the performance, improve the marketable of your services and products and react quicker to changing customer requirements. Through the application of different IT strategies, we are helping you to use new technologies in a more efficient and effective way. To introduce an appropriate IT architecture, we are orientating on already existing business processes and organizational structures.

Technology Consulting and the Development of Individual Solutions

We develop software solutions adjusted to your business and IT requirements in your company. The solutions encompass all levels of complexity, beginning from the traditional implementation to a cloud environment. In the foreground are IT security, scalability and a high ROI with the most possible flexibility of the solutions.