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Proven Methods for a Successful Software Implementation

Our consultants guarantee an efficient and cost optimized software implementation, that allows your IT investments to gain profit more quickly. Furthermore, to improve the skills of your employees and increase the business results, if the technology is applied optimal. To guarantee this, we orient ourselves on the Sure Step Method, an implementation method developed by Microsoft for an efficient implementation of software or software components.



INKUBIT Implementation

Project Methodology Sure Step

The Sure Step Methodology is subdividing the project management process of a software project in several steps: diagnosis, analysis, conception, development, implementation and commissioning.


In the first step, it is necessary to define the problem, which should be solved with the implementation of the project and define the customer requirements.


The next step is to perform a state analysis, that examines the current information technologies, the way of information processing, as well as the business processes and organizational structures.


In the conception stage, it is necessary to develop a software concept, as well as create a time and framework plan.


After the conception follows the development. On the base of the information collected on the previous steps its now the time to develop the software and test it properly. In the testing stage it is mandatory to identify possible errors and resolve them.


After a successful testing the software can be implemented. For this step, it is necessary to gather company data or rather be migrated from the prior system. In following steps, the IT business organization should be introduced, as well as providing employees with a training for the newly implemented software.


If all prior steps were successful it is possible to put the software into operation and the software project will be completed. In case of occurring errors, it is possible to remove them with updates and patches.