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We are your reliable partner for successful IT projects


Project management at INKUBIT










Apart from supporting you to manage the challenges in your company in a professional manner, the service aspect at the INKUBIT Business Solutions GmbH is in the foreground. Besides a successful collaboration on a work level, we also keep in mind the interpersonal level in every client project we are working on.



In the collaboration with you we place special emphasis on…

  • A continuous and constructive knowledge exchange and
  • An excellent project management.




This allows us…

  • A team based project and
  • A good networking of every person involved in the project, no matter if one works on-site or digital from different places all over the world.



The appropriate project management for your IT project – with INKUBIT at your side

With our various approaches in project and requirements management, we are ideally positioned to tailor the project management to your specific needs and keep you completely satisfied.



Classical project management GPM at INKUBIT



“Classical” Project Management in accordance with GPM

Our project managers are certified in accordance with the GPM standard and staying at your side in every stage of the process. No matter if you wish us to support the project management process or to control the whole project on a professional and technical level – your choice is our opportunity!

Classical project management means that the whole project is planned on a basis of different project stages. For a lot of companies a project management according to GPM is the first choice to manage their projects. To meet the growing technical and global requirements, we adjust every project management to overcome these challenges.



Agile Project Management in accordance with SCRUM

SCRUM is probably one of the most popular keywords when someone talks about managing projects in a modern way. We as INKUBIT can accompany your SCRUM process with our certified SCRUM masters and adjust the whole process to your needs. Project management in accordance with SCRUM is giving you a lot of advantages, especially when projects rise in complexity and thus in planning uncertainty. We speak about experience when we say that no company can use 100 percent of the SCRUM principles. That is why we adjust the SCRUM process to the business processes in your company. We would like to provide you with an INKUBIT-SCRUM team that supports you with the SCRUM project management and the implementation of your professional and technical requirements within your business.

In case you want to have a technological management of your SCRUM project, we can provide you with the appropriate infrastructure based on Microsoft and VSTS technology.



SCRUM agile project management at INKUBIT






Requirement Engineering in accordance to IREB

Precisely formulated requirements related to the expected outcome of your IT project are the beginning of a collaboration with us and at the same time a measurement for the project's success. The more precise you describe the requirements, the more scalable is the expected outcome. Our IREB certificate consultants support you in the process of requirement engineering. We systematically analyze, measure and structure the requirements of your project – for the creation of new professional processes as well as the choice of standard software and the development of our own systems.



Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solutions with SureStep

With the implementation method "SureStep" we assure you success in the optimization and implementation of your project, which focuses on the challenges in Microsoft projects and comes with a suitable framework. We support you in structuring your software project and in optimally handling individual process sections such as analysis, development & testing, design and implementation.

SureStep refers to three essential areas: project documentation, project control and project communication.

The more accurate your budget and time are, the better the project risks can be minimized for customers and partners. The result is an even greater satisfaction with all involved parties. SureStep fits every company size and project type, controlling the efficiency and success of the project.

SureStep Microsoft Dynamics solution at INKUBIT