Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

App Standard Introduction - 9 days

Dynamics 365 Marketing for email marketing to event management and webinars, to enterprise-wide marketing automation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing App Standard Launch

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing offers marketing automation for companies that want to communicate more effectively with their customers. Dynamics 365 Marketing offers the possibility of mapping personalised and automated customer journeys, using communication channels such as email, social media or online webinars as an event medium.

Realise the full potential of your customer database and reduce marketing costs when you let sales and marketing work together more effectively with an integrated solution on the same platform. In the potential interplay with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you align your marketing and sales for effective customer communication and increase your company revenues.

INKUBIT has developed a 9-day standardised Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing implementation package. which specialises, among other things, in the provision of the solution from the cloud, its implementation and customisation, the data import, as well as the end user training of the solution.

Advantages of introducing a standard solution

  • Evaluate implementation methods and procedures - this leads to increased efficiency in the implementation process.
  • Calculable costs
  • Plannable timeline
  • Risk minimisation during project implementation
  • Rapid improvements in delivery and processes across the business and a positive impact on the digital transformation of your entire organisation.
  • Overall a higher "Return on Invest" (ROI) for your company

The all-round marketing package

New standards & a 360° view of your potential customers.

Use a combination of email marketing, marketing automation, event management, customer insights, LinkedIn integration and AI-powered features.

Integrate Sales & Marketing

Are sales & marketing pulling in the same direction?

Ensure that sales & marketing mesh seamlessly and create an unprecedented symbiosis.

Measure your success

How well can you currently measure the success of your marketing?

Use the out-of-the-box charts and dashboards to measure your marketing ROI or create company-specific reports using Microsoft Power BI.

Best Practices Project Implementation Levels

Your service package

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Best Practices Add-on for Analytics & Business Intelligence Advisory

As a business intelligence service package for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, our service package "Microsoft Dynamics Best Practices - Add-on Analytics & Business Intelligence Advisory (ABIA)" is designed to evaluate the operational marketing data of the business applications in a target-oriented manner and to convert it into profitable decision-making bases.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Marketing for different user groups in your company

Marketing Management

  • Marketing success monitoring through dashboards and insight into relevant marketing KPIs
  • Transparency about bounce rates and performance problems in customer journey and identification of optimisation potentials
  • Increasing customer data quality and centralising customer data for cross-system and cross-process use
  • Initial data import of customer data from existing systems or Excel for rapid system introduction in the company
  • With interaction insights and relationship analysis. Track and increase sales and marketing performance
  • Adaptable marketing platform for mapping simple to complex marketing automations

Marketing staff

  • Transparency about customer interests and sales potential through dashboards and KPIs
  • Effective email marketing and analysis
  • Insight into customer interaction levels down to contact level from website visits to email click-through rates
  • Building structured marketing information within customer data for targeted outbound marketing activities (e.g. direct marketing via email marketing and social media marketing)
  • Lead-nurturing functions to improve customer-interviewee relationships
  • Implementation of lead scoring mechanisms for the automatic evaluation of leads based on configurable indicators
  • Increase lead quality to hand over high quality"Marketing Qualified Leads" (MQL)

Sales representative

  • Improved cooperation and coordination between sales and marketing through uniform customer database 
  • Increase sales success through lead scoring assessments
  • Insight into customer interactions and event documentation for targeted contact with prospects and customers

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