The Secret to Successful Sales Planning: How to Drive Personal Sales Thanks to LinkedIn Sales Insights

The world of B2B sales is undergoing massive change, and it's no surprise that customers are adopting digital buying behaviors. Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to adapt and reinvent themselves to survive in today's landscape. Companies that are successful in sales are working smarter and taking a more strategic approach. They are using powerful digital tools to streamline and scale their sales activities and are focusing on the next critical steps to win customers with the greatest opportunity.

While digital selling and streamlined sales operations are important to align sales teams with the new post-pandemic market conditions, they are only as good as the data they rely on. Outdated or inaccurate data can cause companies to miss out on valuable opportunities and areas of growth. Manually compiling data takes time and reliable data is often hard to find.

To be successful, salespeople need reliable, actionable, and relevant real-time data that helps them embrace relationship selling and make the most of their time with customers. Salespeople need confidence in next steps and clear direction to turn opportunities into victories. Companies must commit to empowering and supporting their salespeople if they are to adapt to the new landscape and thrive in their markets. Good sales planning and an effective personal sales strategy can streamline the sales process and help companies succeed.

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Sales planning reimagined: Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Solutions create human connections

Microsoft is uniting Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to provide salespeople with a personalized and meaningful customer journey. The integration provides salespeople with a unified view of data and helps them find key decision makers, stay in touch with buyers, and reduce sales friction. The combination of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Solutions enables sellers to build deep and trusting relationships with buyers and deliver the authentic and personalized approach that today's buyers demand. Forward-thinking sales planning and a personalized sales strategy are key success factors in today's marketplace.

Increase your in-person sales success with LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales

LinkedIn announced in February the general availability of LinkedIn Sales Insights, a new product in their portfolio supported by over 740 million members. This tool helps sales organizations identify potential sales opportunities, survey the market, and plan more confidently. LinkedIn Sales Insights can now be integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales to make sales planning even more secure, as the CRM is based on reliable and trusted data from LinkedIn Sales Insights.

Bringing together big aggregated data and powerful tools that deliver actionable insights, sales teams can be more focused, productive and successful. Intelligent automation powered by LinkedIn's buyer data helps salespeople act strategically, build connections, and turn relationships into revenue.

Take your sales planning and customer prioritization to the next level

With LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365, you can take your sales planning and customer prioritization to a new level. The integration tool allows you to integrate company information directly into Dynamics 365 Sales, creating a secure and reliable foundation for your sales activities.
Thanks to integrated tools, you can keep track of key customers and opportunities at all times, enabling you to deepen existing customer relationships and develop new business opportunities.

Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Insights are an unbeatable duo when it comes to successful sales planning.

The secret weapon for your sales opportunities: LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365

Opportunity scoring becomes even more accurate by breaking down company departments, functions, and job titles, allowing you to better assess your sales opportunities. Get the most out of your sales activities and harness the power of LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365.

Together unbeatable: LinkedIn Sales Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for successful sales planning

LinkedIn Sales Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 work hand-in-hand to help sales organizations create stronger customer relationships and a greater sales opportunity. How. By providing powerful information and tools based on the most up-to-date data to help sales teams become more customer-centric.

LinkedIn Sales Insights gives you and your team access to reliable data that can optimize your sales planning and maximize your sales opportunities. Learn more about how LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 can help you empower your sales team.

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