The most important questions before every CRM project

When used wrongly, a newly implemented CRM system can bring just as many benefits as problems. If you wish to profit from all benefits and avoid any problems, you should get as many users as possible enthusiastic about the CRM system. By securing a high level of acceptance your CRM solution is bound to be success! The following five questions should be answered before implementation to reach a high level of acceptance:

1. Which problems would you like to solve?

If you want to be successful on the long run, you must find an appropriate answer to this question. Also an exact definition of the aspired goal, can help to answer the question whether you CRM project was a success. Think big, when answering this question. At the same time, you should define your success criteria as detailed as possible. Would you like to multiply your turnover? Would you like to double your output? Ask yourself want is important to your organization. You won´t be able to achieve all your organizations goals at once – so concentrate on a few of the most important goals. Make sure that you continually monitor goal achievement. Only think about further problems and solutions after you have convince the last user of the new system.

2. How can you simplify business processes?

Do not forget to think about this question! Whilst the new CRM system will help you to manage your business processes, you should make sure that you simplify them first. Which measures can be taken to optimize business processes? As soon as you have simplified processes and therefore made them more efficient, you can rely on your CRM system to help manage them.

3. What is your core data?

To ensure that your business processes flow smoothly, you will need data – after all the CRM is a database at its core. Due to the many exciting data visualizing functions one is often tempted to file all business data in the CRM system. We advise to resist temptation and solely concentrate on your core data.

4. Which end users will use the CRM system in which way?

Ask yourself which end-users will use the CRM system on a daily basis. What will they use the system for and which benefits will they hope for? Which positions are these users in? Which benefits could they profit from? Managers can only make well though trough decisions if they have they required data. Also think about end-users in the front line of your company and how the system must be designed in order to fit their requirements and increase their performance. Make sure that the user interface is adapted to the different roles within the company. In this respect Simplicity is the key to success – after all your end users need to be able to use the CRM system as effectively as possible.

5. Is automation possible or sensible?

The automation of data transmission can contribute to making the usage of your CRM system more effective. If end users find, that all the required information is already filed in the CRM system, this will automatically lead to a high level of acceptance.

As you can see, it can be useful to thoroughly think through all these questions to increase your chance of success. Planning ahead can lead to better results for the benefit of the company.

Do you need help to find the correct answer to these strategic questions or to create a requirement profile? INKUBIT will gladly consult you in any matter. Simply contact our consultants for expert advice!

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