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Dynamics 365 App for Outlook - The most compelling features

Since the December 2016 update, the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook has not only become faster and more intelligent, but also the usability has improved enormously. It is now even easier to track emails, create follow-up tasks, and schedule appointments. With the application, CRM entries can be created and information from Dynamics 365 can be displayed quickly and easily. Adding the Outlook app, the Dynamics 365 add-in gets added automatically that allows you to manage shortcuts between Outlook and Dynamics 365. Unlike its predecessor, the new version runs on the server side, saving the resources of the local computer.

Here is a small listing, why the new Dynamics 365 app for Outlook convinced us!

1. Track emails via Outlook Web Access

Track emails from almost any device. Use OWA to track sent and received emails via a web browser or mobile device.

2. No software installation necessary

Administrators can unblock the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook for their users via the Office Portal. The application can then be used in the desktop Outlook client or via OWA. There is no installation, so it saves resources on the local computer.

3. automatic display of suitable Dynamics CRM entries

From the Outlook e-mail, create tasks, appointments, and phone calls. By automatically displaying existing CRM entries, the activities can be directly assigned to the corresponding entry.

4. create follow-up activities

With the Dynamics 365 application, matching CRM entries are immediately identified. By entering an already saved e-mail address in Dynamics CRM, all contacts, leads and companies that are connected to the e-mail address are immediately displayed. With one click the e-mail is assigned to the corresponding entry and is tracked.

5. create new records from an e-mail

Besides creating new contacts, it is now possible to create new cases, opportunities and project tasks.

6. add CRM templates to the Outlook emails

Use CRM e-mail templates when you compose a new e-mail in Outlook. Search within the Dynamics CRM for all existing templates or templates that are only available for a corresponding entity.

7. link emails to the last CRM records used

It is now even easier to link emails to a contact, lead, or opportunity. Click the "about" button and see the last used and pinned Dynamics CRM entries.

8. adding knowledge and how-to articles

Microsoft Dynamics 365 centrally stores knowledge articles centrally to provide best practices and solutions to frequently asked questions and problems. Documents from the knowledge database can be inserted directly into an e-mail in order to react quickly to urgent customer requests.

9. see CRM activities

Use the Dynamics 365 app to look at current or past activities directly in Outlook.

10. saving documents

Save frequently used documents such as PDF documents and quickly add them to email attachments.

If you require further information on the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, you can find them on the official help pages of Microsoft:

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