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INKUBIT Pro|Liz - License management billed on a daily basis

Our experience shows that many companies have difficulties in implementing a proper license management. And this is exactly the way to save a lot of money. The challenge in license management lies in managing the programs used and the associated, sometimes very complex, licensing procedures with sufficient accuracy, while optimizing the costs for the entire software asset management as well as for the software usage. Without a license management solution, however, this challenge cannot be optimally mastered. The solution?

INKUBIT Pro|Liz - the licence marketplace of the INKUBIT Group

4 advantages for licence management with the INKUBIT Group:

  1. Flexibility:
    Daily right of termination!
  2. Pay-Per-Use: Accurate accounting of the licenses to the
  3. Self-service portal:
    You can decide at any time on which day you want to terminate your license.
  4. Best-Price-Guarantee:
    If you have a valid offer from another provider that is below our prices, we
    commit ourselves to reduce our prices below the offer price.

Together with you, we create an individual concept that gives you a visual overview of the software inventory and usage at any time, so that you can react to changes flexibly and in a budget-friendly manner. We thus offer you the security of getting the maximum benefit from your licenses and always being licensed correctly.

Enclosed a small excerpt from our prices:

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