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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement - Portals: Expand your CRM by another level.

For some time, Microsoft has provided the ability to deploy a portal within companies that have at least 5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses. This is natively integrated into your Dynamics 365 instance and provides a variety of means to customize your website to suit your needs. We would like to illustrate the added value of this Dynamics 365 extension in this article.

Why Dynamics 365 Portals?

To get to the point, the most important factor is the simple website setup process. Normally one connects preparing a similar side with costly developer time efforts or the struggle of finding and administration of servers. Also capitalize on flexible capacity adjustment when the time comes for you to grow. Save your time thanks to the portal templates prepared by Microsoft.

Another not to be underestimated circumstance is the complete integration with your own Dynamics 365 environment.

Already out-of-the-box, with your portal you have a capacity of one million page views per month. This number can be expanded with an add-on, with steps of 500 thousand page views.

Thanks to the portal, external users can influence your internal Dynamics 365 datasets without having to implement time-consuming integration.

You already have prepared portal templates that you can use directly:

  • Customer Service Portal
  • Partner Engagement Portal
  • Employee Engagement Portal

But you can also design a completely custom portal from scratch.

An overview of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

*Available only if the corresponding Dynamics 365 solution is already installed on your instance.

Profile Management

Enable your customers to independently carry out service activities thanks to the website and thus save the working hours of the service workers. Use Windows Live ID, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, and other authentication services to conduct broad marketing efforts. Motivate your brand advocates with a special status and make use of tailor-made security roles to increase the reliability of your website. Record the user data relevant to your business and use it directly in your system.

Content Management

Create and manage ads on the portal. Work with different attachments and files to make the portal more convenient. Instrumentalize the Rich Content Editor and the ability to upload data and attachments to make your website intuitive. With the page directory you can structure your website content structured. Use URL redirects to ensure a continuous customer experience. Optimize the processing times thanks to the search functionality on the portal.


Engage your clients by forming discussion forums where you can actively follow conversations. Take advantage of the built-in Facebook integration and capitalize on social media marketing efforts. Include product ideas and suggestions for improvement to continually optimize your product. Take advantage of surveys that allow your customers to easily submit feedback. This can then also be evident in the direct integration of your enterprises Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement environment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Take advantage of dynamic data to your advantage, thanks to open data protocols. Make use of Entity Actions to bring the advanced features of your Customer Engagement System to the portal as well. Another functionality that you can "take away" from your CRM system are entity forms and entity lists. Their functionality is also supported by extensively customizable security roles that even intervene at the attribute level.

Channel management

Track your sales opportunities at the portal level, and share those relevant to your partners. Distribute collected on the portal leads to your own liking to internal Dynamics 365 or external portal users.

Customer Service

Allow your portal users to search for solutions themselves on the portal. Depending on what was previously sought by the customer, the process of creating a support request will automatically display to the customer solutions to the problem using your knowledge base.

Current Internet Standards

Thanks to user-friendly, mobile-friendly bootstrap design and state-of-the-art technology standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, your portal is well positioned.

We at INKUBIT hope that we have been able to enlighten you in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal theme. It may be that there are better dedicated, fully functional web pages solutions on the market, but with Microsoft Dynamics 365 portals you often have already covered a lot of the requirements. And that it is for many Customer Engagement consumers already available for free is also a not to be underestimated argument.

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