Microsoft OneNote- An overview of the essential functions

Capturing ideas and information

With Microsoft's digital notebook, you can easily capture ideas, to-do lists and information. If you find content of interest on the web, you can store it in OneNote with a simple click and add contextual notes. The source URL is automatically noted so you can quickly find the source of your find.

More mobility with the OneNote App

With the OneNote App they can access their digital notebook anytime and anywhere. The web application is available for iOS, Android and Windows and has a simple, user-friendly design for easy operation. Notes on a Windows PC or Mac and smartphone can be synchronized using OneDrive accounts, so you'll always be up to date.

Efficient data search

Use the handy search functions to search your OneNote files by keyword and quickly find the information you need. Searches include text, images, audio files, video files and handwritten entries.

Structured data collection

By creating an outline OneNote users have the possibility to organize their information and structure their notes. Organize their OneNote "notepad" into sections and subsections so you can quickly find the information you need.

Exercising Fast Commands

OneNote automatically anchors itself to the taskbar during installation. If you click the OneNote icon, the command "Send to OneNote" is executed by default. This default action can also be configured and adapted to your needs.

Share ideas and information

OneNote notes can also be sent as e-mail attachments. This way you can share ideas and information with others. OneNote attachments can also be sent in MHT format, so recipients do not need to have OneNote installed to view OneNote data.

Joint note editing

OneNote notes can be saved to local disks and network shares and stored in SharePoint or OneDrive. This allows content to be edited together, as well as cross-device access to all OneNote functions. In addition, this enables the synchronization of content across different devices on all supported platforms.


Videos, pictures and texts can be stored in OneNote. The integrated text and speech recognition allows searching video and audio recordings for content and converting PDF files into editable text.

Outlook Integration

Microsoft OneNote is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to manage and share information in e-mail, notebooks, and calendars. Within the OneNote application, users can send notes in an Outlook e-mail, as well as create tasks, appointments, meeting requests and contacts in Outlook.

SharePoint integration

The SharePoint integration enables the administration and sharing of OneNote notebooks, as well as the joint editing of these. By defining user and access rights, you can determine who can view and edit uploaded files.

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