From uncharted territory to top class: The incredible transformation of Thomas Fialek to the coveted IT consultant jobs at INKUBIT

When it comes to setting out on the right career path, there are those who head for their destination with a keen eye even at a young age. But for some, the path into the unknown remains veiled. Thomas Fialek, Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant at INKUBIT, is undoubtedly one of those whose calling only gradually revealed itself. It may sound surprising that Thomas Fialek, who now acts with bravado as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant at INKUBIT, had no previous experience in IT or consulting. But in a recent interview, he revealed the exciting story of his unconventional journey into the fascinating depths of the IT consulting world, where the best IT consultant jobs were waiting for him:

The fascination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: Thomas' professional change of perspective

I studied business administration and management and had no experience in the IT or consulting industry. But after graduating, I started working at INKUBIT using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as a customer relationship management solution. I was quickly intrigued by the technology and the potential it had to transform businesses. From there, I decided to pursue a career in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consulting.

Thomas Fialek

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant at INKUBIT


Thomas, how did you find your way to your current position at INKUBIT?

"My path to my current position at INKUBIT has been exciting and full of new challenges and growth opportunities. Before joining INKUBIT, I had no previous experience in IT and consulting. I had worked in a completely different field, but I knew I was ready for a career change and wanted to try something new. During this time, a former colleague who had just started at INKUBIT introduced me to the company. I was immediately impressed with the focus on customer satisfaction and employee development, and after researching more about the company, I knew I wanted to join the team. The application and interview process was rigorous, but I appreciated the thoroughness of the process because it showed me that INKUBIT is a company that takes its commitment to excellence seriously. When I was offered the position, I was excited about the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and innovative team. And now, as I continue to work with INKUBIT, I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I've made for my career."

Could you share a few details about your favorite aspect of your role at INKUBIT?

"One of my favorite aspects of my role at INKUBIT is the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from different industries. Each project presents new challenges and learning opportunities, and I enjoy the process of understanding a client's business needs and developing a solution that meets those needs. In addition, my work at INKUBIT is never boring. I am constantly faced with new challenges and have the opportunity to learn and grow. One day I might be working on a project to implement a new CRM system for a client, and the next day I'm working with my team to develop a custom solution to a complex business problem. What I love most about my job is that I get to combine my technical skills with my passion for problem solving and helping clients achieve their goals. It's incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact our work has on businesses and their customers. Also, the team at INKUBIT is incredibly supportive and collaborative, which makes for a great work environment."

How does INKUBIT support your professional growth and development as a consultant?

"INKUBIT places a high priority on employee development and provides a variety of resources to encourage professional growth. These include regular training and access to a wealth of knowledge resources, as well as opportunities to attend industry events and conferences. In addition, the team at INKUBIT is always open to sharing knowledge and collaborating on projects, which allows me to learn from my colleagues and develop new skills."

What do you think is special about the culture at INKUBIT?

"The culture at INKUBIT is incredibly supportive and collaborative. The team really values teamwork and knowledge sharing, which creates a positive and inclusive work environment. Being a fully decentralized company, INKUBIT understands the importance of communication and has implemented various tools and practices to ensure the team stays connected and engaged. In addition, the company places a high value on customer satisfaction and prides itself on delivering high-quality solutions to its clients. This combination of a supportive team culture and a drive for excellence has contributed to my personal and professional development at INKUBIT."

How do you keep up with the latest developments and updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

"Keeping up to date with the latest developments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is essential to providing high quality solutions to our customers. To stay up to date, I regularly attend industry events and conferences, read industry publications and blogs, and participate in online forums and communities. In addition, the INKUBIT team is constantly sharing their knowledge and experience, which helps keep me informed of the latest trends and developments."

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consultant?

"My advice to someone looking for IT consulting jobs and considering a career as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consultant is to focus on developing a solid foundation of technical skills and constantly look for opportunities to learn and grow. It is also important to be customer-focused and understand the unique challenges and needs of each customer. Finally, I would recommend looking for a company that values employee development and places a high value on teamwork and collaboration."

It is incredibly satisfying to see the positive impact our work has on companies and their customers. In addition, the team at INKUBIT is incredibly helpful and cooperative, which creates a great working environment.

The success story of a career changer: Thomas Fialek shows how to get off to a successful start in coveted IT consulting jobs

Thomas Fialek's interesting story highlights the essential importance of always being open to new possibilities and continually striving for growth opportunities and personal development, even if it means venturing into completely unknown territory.

In an impressive triumph, Thomas Fialek was able to prove as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant at INKUBIT that anyone can enter the fascinating world of IT consulting without any prior experience. By focusing on building a solid technical foundation, seeking out learning and training opportunities, and always focusing on the needs of the customer, Thomas managed to create a glittering career in a field in which he had no prior knowledge.

Thomas offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice to anyone considering a career in IT consulting or any other field: never give up. With unwavering commitment, dedication and a willingness to continuously learn, anyone can achieve their goals and achieve professional success. The key is to focus on your goals, look for opportunities, learn and grow without ever losing heart, even in the face of challenges or setbacks. With these principles firmly in mind, anyone can achieve their dreams and build a fulfilling and successful career.

We thank Thomas very much for this exciting interview!

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