E-learning systems

The modern tool for the further training of your employees

E-Learning Systems in the Digital Workplace

The fact that e-learning software is becoming increasingly popular and relevant has been a trend in corporate training for years. E-learning offers are increasingly taking the place of traditional, equally useful, face-to-face courses and lectures by experts.

E-Learning, LMS or Mobile Learning - why are these terms an important step on your way to the Digital Workplace? What problems do companies face these days in terms of on-the-job training for employees, and what are the best approaches to solving them for your goals?

In order to answer these questions in the course of this article, it is first necessary to know what exactly these relatively new terms in continuing education refer to and what they are important for. Learning platforms, learning management systems (LMS) and learning content management systems (LCMS) are used to provide and organise learning within a company.

E-learning therefore takes place completely digitally on a virtual platform with structured content. Mobile learning refers to a level of e-learning in which the transfer of knowledge via multimedia modules can also take place independent of time and place - for example via mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets.


of German companies already use the possibility of

Change in e-learning systems

In an extensive survey of over 500 companies in Germany, 32% were already using e-learning systems for their in-house training. A further 16% stated that their LMS was already in the concrete planning stage.

The development of e-learning systems originally goes back to a grievance of instructors who could no longer effectively impart their knowledge due to the excessive number of learners. As a result, programs were developed to take over the most important aspects of a teacher. The last few years, these programs took over the competencies of all published knowledge, providing a unique opportunity for continuing education.
Today, these programs are used for all types of continuing education: At teaching institutions for students or trainees, in university or in companies. In the following, the numerous advantages for your employees will become clear.

Flexible further training

Probably the biggest advantage of an e-learning system is the flexibility that comes with it: both time and location independence is given with a digital training system. In today's world, where the digital and remote workplace is playing an increasingly important role, it is essential to offer your employees flexible training. Whether on business trips, on the train during the journey to the office or in the home office at the desk at home - with an e-learning system, your employees can access the learning content provided from anywhere. Because everything can be accessed at any time, learners can organise their further education in a way that fits into their daily work routine. This not only increases motivation through individual time management, but also promotes independent work.

Reduction of effort & costs

In addition to the significant benefits that an LMS brings to your employees, e-learning systems can also drastically reduce the process costs of company training for your company. Instead of regularly holding the same briefing for new employees, meetings for an update on compliance guidelines or courses for the introduction of a new product, this information can be generated and published centrally in a clear manner. This will not only save you significant costs in the long run, but also valuable time of your employees that they need to organize such events. In addition, you can monitor the progress of your employees and see at a glance who has already started the relevant course and who still needs some time to complete it. For example, deadlines can be set for the completion of a course, or test questions can be set for your employees to answer. 

Introduction of an LMS for e-learning

Currently, there is an overwhelming number of e-learning systems and learning content. We support you in finding a suitable strategy for your company, so that in the future every employee can easily and flexibly access their learning content. This gives you a significant head start in corporate training and brings you one step closer to the digital workplace. Especially in today's world, more and more employees are working from home offices. Your employees are your most valuable resource and your training is an important part of competing against other companies. So this aspect doesn't have to suffer either because your employees aren't or can't be on site.

Solution-oriented approach

Our approach focuses on the entire process, based on the perspective of you and your employees. Most importantly, the LMS should be easy to understand and use, so that there is motivation to keep the regular usage rate as high as possible.

  • Introduction: After successful initialization, we will introduce the main functions and sub-functions of your LMS step by step. Due to the clear structure, you can clearly see which functions are where.
  • Operationalization: We implement the solution and show you how to use your existing data to deliver efficient and effective training to your employees.
  • Support: If you have any questions or do not fully understand the functions at any time, you can of course contact us at any time.

Advantages of e-learning systems (LMS)

Our offer in the field of e-learning systems helps you to bring corporate training digitally and intelligently into use in your company. This offers decisive advantages:

  • Motivated and independent learners who can attend your courses from anywhere.
  • Individually tailored courses: You determine the content, duration and difficulty of your courses.
  • A digital training strategy tailored to your industry and your business.
  • Identify valuable data for and about your employees' learning progress.
  • Long-term reduction of effort and costs for on-site trainings & workshops.

E-learning systems


Recognize the value of flexible training for your employees anywhere, anytime - because your employees' skills are your most important resource.

LMS - E-Learning Systems
Record all important learning content for your employees centrally in one place. This way, your employees can find direct answers to questions or ambiguities about certain topics at a later date. Alternatively, they can also add new content after their own research for future employees with the same question.

Strategy & sorting of the learning content

Decide for yourself how to systematize your learning content. Create courses and course blocks for different positions and situations. It is up to you how you want to structure your trainings. Everything can be adapted flexibly and easily.

Overview & Deadlines

As a manager, keep track of your employees' progress. Just because they are not taking a course on site doesn't mean it doesn't need to be taken. You can set deadlines for courses and tests and be notified if a required course is not successfully completed in the allotted time. Get an accurate view of your team's learning, certifications, and courses.

Motivation through gamification and tests

In addition to the motivation that comes with flexible learning, building an e-learning platform also encourages learning. Motivate your employees through leaderboards, wins and test results. Even if everyone learns somewhere else, the courses become a team thing.

Multimedia content

The possibilities for equipping your courses are almost unlimited. Almost anything can be used to impart knowledge: Videos and tutorials, step-by-step guides, articles, books, or presentations. Add to existing media and encourage your employees to capture knowledge and share it with their colleagues, for example, after a certification or on-site training.

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