INKUBIT goes Financial Service Data Platform (FSDP) 3.0

And again, INKUBIT was a participant at the FSDM SAT (Solution Acceptance Test) at the SAP SE headquarters in Walldorf. This is the third event we are attending where we had the chance to personally test the innovations and stability of Financial Services Data Management (FSDM). Biggest thanks to SAP SE, that we were able to participate again on this great event!

The data model test focused on the new entities that were added or enhanced in Release 1.3:

  • Syndicated lending (a loan granted by at least two banks)
  • Primary Insurance
  • Derivatives
  • Data model accounting (including: PriceGain, AmortilzedCost, FairValue and MaturityAnalysis)
  • Extension Business Partner (extension by Business Partner Relation Category / Requirements from European Regulatory Reporting Standard)

The technical test cases included:

  • Transport of the physical data model of SAP  HANA® CDS (Core Data Services Entities) using the SAP HANA® deployment infrastructure
  • Read and write interface generation for SAP HANA® Views & Procedures
  • Simplified data collection through SAP HANA® Smart Data Integration (SDI) Flowgraphs
  • Use data loading tools such as SDI Flowgraphs, Native Data Store Objects (NDSO), Task Chains

The data modeling quality made a good impression on us. INKUBIT believes: ready-to-market! Then it depends on what the customer makes out of it.

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