SAP® on the Azure Cloud - 3 good reasons to change

Since the end of 2014, it is possible to host a series of SAP SE solutions (Business Suite, All-In-One, Mobile Platform, Adaptive Server Enterprise and the developer edition of SAP HANA®) via the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The goal was to provide customers with access to SAP SE applications and data via Office 365 and Azure and to automate business processes. Since then, the cooperation between Microsoft and SAP SE has evolved steadily. Since last year, the two largest enterprise products SAP® ERP and S / 4 HANA® are available in the Azure Cloud. In May of this year, the SAP® cloud platform has been added. SAP SE recommends Azure Cloud as the first choice when it comes to the company's cloud services. This is seen by many companies, and 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies now use the Azure Cloud.

In the meantime, there have been rumours that there is no way around the cloud. Many companies have realized, it is no longer a matter of whether SAP® (or other services, such as Microsoft Dynamics) is transferred to the cloud, but when. Listening to companies who are already using SAP® in the Azure Cloud are often similar:

Scalability and flexibility

Microsoft Azure offers a tremendous flexibility and integrated platform that is fully available in the cloud as well as in the hybrid version. The large selection of infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service increase the performance of SAP®. All these services are scalable you want them to be. The 30 regions in the world where the Azure Cloud operates will have 8 additional regions in the near future. This makes the Azure Cloud available in more countries or regions than the two next-largest cloud providers.


Authorization of processes via e-mail through Outlook or the simplification of complex business processes using SharePoint. With Microsoft Analytics and Insights for SAP SE software, companies can use Microsoft Power BI to visualize SAP HANA® data or to use the Predictive Analytics tools to gain greater insight from customers.

Safety standards

Microsoft is a leader in the cloud industry when it comes to security and data protection standards. The Azure Cloud has the highest standard of all cloud providers worldwide. Especially for German companies, the data protection requirements are very high. This is why this point is of great importance when choosing the right cloud provider. In this sensitive topic, most companies feel the best in the Azure Cloud.

For those who expect more than the high "standard" Microsoft security standards offer, can refer to the Microsoft Cloud Germany. In this cloud variant, a kind of data trustee is switched between the data and the direct access from Microsoft. More information about the Microsoft Deutschland Cloud can be found here.

Companies are reporting a cost reduction of up to 30% when combining SAP S / 4HANA® and Azure. Certainly, the restructuring of the cloud is costly. However, if you want to be prepared for the future and want to reduce your company's costs in the long term, you should certainly rely on the combination SAP® / Azure.  

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