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DocuSign - Time to become more compatible

When selling products and negotiating contracts, every second counts - so you don't want to slow down this process with simple contract management. With DocuSign you can send and sign contracts and agreements in seconds, revolutionizing your contract management.

The DocuSign application already has hundreds of millions of users worldwide: from sales contracts and letters of offer to account opening and invoicing - the application possibilities in a modern company are manifold. DocuSign not only shortens contract negotiations, but also replaces many manual steps within your company, making your employees more efficient. Paper-based signature procedures, which require printing, scanning, faxing and repeated data entry, lead to additional costs of up to 33 Euros per order and offer a high error rate due to manual work.

DocuSign offers a modern alternative for processing orders completely digitally, reliably and securely: Send, track and sign documents anytime and anywhere on a variety of devices. Inspire your customers and partners with a process that is appealing and efficient for both parties.

DocuSign in the company

  • DocuSign eSignature is legally valid in the European Union and has already established itself as the number one eSignature tool in the USA.
  • Formerly lengthy procedures are completed within a few hours or minutes.
  • Integration with your systems, e.g. Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday, SAP, Oracle, Google, Box and many more.
  • Forward documents to multiple signatories one after the other, in parallel or together.

DocuSign Agreement Cloud

With DocuSign, all internal documents can be managed completely digitally, from creation to archiving.

Your advantages with DocuSign

Accelerated document processing

DocuSign eSignature accelerates contract processes, replaces manual steps and can be easily connected to the tools and systems you already use. DocuSign eSignature eliminates manual tasks and increases convenience for your customers and employees.   

Direct cost savings through DocuSign

With DocuSign eSignature, you can save around €33 per contract by reducing costs in processes such as scanning, printing and mailing and improving employee productivity. What's more: the paper savings will also benefit the environment.

Faster results with DocuSign

By eliminating paper and manual steps, previously lengthy signature procedures can be completed within hours or minutes. Already 82% of document processing is processed by DocuSign eSignature customers within one day and 50% even in less than 15 minutes.

Direct cost savings through DocuSign

In an increasingly mobile world, DocuSign eSignature is the leader in mobility. The Responsive Signing function of the DocuSign eSignature app automatically adapts documents for mobile phones to the size and orientation of the respective device.

DocuSign - Accelerate your processes. Amaze your customers.

DocuSign Feature Highlights

DocuSign eSignature meets the most demanding customer requirements and provides a seamless user experience.

Astonish your customers & partners

The simple and quick way of signing a contract will inspire your customers.

DocuSign is as simple as it can be: You upload your document, enter the recipient and place the signature field as desired. The recipient now receives an e-mail in which he or she only has to click on the link to view and sign the document. With just one more click, various signature options are available. Here, the signer can create a signature on his or her own screen or use one of the predefined signature formats.

Legally binding in over 180 countries

DocuSign eSignature complies with the US ESIGN Act and UETA as well as the EU eIDAS regulation.

Agreements signed with DocuSign are currently legally accepted in over 180 countries. Using the application, it is possible to sign documents in 44 languages and send them in about 14 languages. All this is possible within the framework of the industry and country-specific requirements and standards for electronic signatures. In this sense, reliable audit trails are automatically generated and stored for each step.

High performance from anywhere in the world

Sign a partner contract or renewal of an agreement while on the road

DocuSign's advanced infrastructure has enabled more than 99.99% availability without downtime for maintenance. This is another reason why you can work safely & comfortably on the road: DocuSign's highly rated mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows also work without internet access for your digital signature.

Collect all information

Always be up to date on where your contract is in the signing process.

You can set automatic reminders to receive a notification at each step in the process. You can create templates for your documents and set default fields such as name, date and signature. You can also create and insert custom fields at any time.

Learn how DocuSign opens up new digital ways for your company.

We would be pleased to help you discover the DocuSign applications for supporting your employees, for lasting customer loyalty and for optimizing processes during a practical introduction to a test environment or a live demonstration by a solution expert.