HR Analytics Accelerator 

Make evidence- and data-based decisions more intelligently - for more successful and faster implementation of your HR strategy

Valuable HR insights for strategic decision making in your organization - HR Analytics Accelerator is an end-to-end analytics and reporting solution built on Microsoft Power BI. 

It enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to attract, manage and retain employees to improve ROI. In addition, HR Analytics Accelerator helps leaders make smarter, faster decisions to create better work environments and maximize employee productivity. 

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The ultimate end-to-end analysis and reporting solution

  • A 360-degree view of your data: One-stop shop for your HR department and "People and Culture" - gather all the insights in one place that belong to the implementation of your company values. 
  • Flexible and customizable reporting: Easily customize and add your calculations such as cost per employee hire, turnover rate, etc.
  • Ease of use and management: A fully cloud-based solution built on Microsoft Power BI and the Azure data platform.
  • Tailored for your business needs: Create hierarchies, business rules and calculations according to your requirements.

HR Analytics Accelerator Advantages

HR Analytics Accelerator offers you a wide range of benefits to create a data-driven HR strategy.

Reasons to choose us:

Data centralization

Reduce data silos for efficient, reliable and easily accessible data management

Intuitive handling

Seamless implementation, clear and easy to learn thanks to the Power BI, Microsoft look & feel

Uncomplicated IT configuration

Minimal installation and maintenance effort allows quick and easy setup regardless of technical experience

Fully cloud-based

No matter where you are, your data remains backed up and accessible from anywhere, anytime

Immediate added value

Fast reporting for even faster decision-making helps you respond quickly and methodically to global challenges


Hierarchies and calculations customized according to your wishes and branding, for an even more accurate and detailed overview

Data synchronization

Data - from all sources - in one view and synchronized in real time guarantee that you reliably get the right overall picture.

Measures that can be personalized

User-definable security permissions to ensure that private and sensitive information is only available to assigned employees

Simple registration

Flexible and accessible subscription model, free from unnecessarily tedious and long registration steps

HR Analytics Accelerator - Overview Video

HR Analytics Accelerator Focuses

Take your HR data one step further and promote an effective digital workforce strategy.

HR Dashboards

Manage a variety of comprehensive HR dashboards and customize them yourself - for a 360-degree view of your HR data and without IT support.


  • The Summary Dashboard provides an overview of employees, diversity, hires, departures, terminations, and training.

  • You can click on the headcount, hiring or termination figures to access a detail page. This way you can quickly check and analyze all important KPIs in one place.


  • Using an interactive dashboard, recruiters can drill down into demographic data and analyze a variable, such as ethnic diversity.
  • This dashboard shows the company's various diversity metrics, such as women in leadership positions, number of employees by generation, etc.


  • Get comprehensive insights into your hiring analytics.
  • Look at metrics such as active open positions, positions filled, which sourcing method was most/least successful, and number of interviews completed.
  • Filter by variables such as departments, management level and date.

History & Trends:

  • History and trends dashboards help HR teams and business leaders understand trend analysis of employees, hires, terminations, and turnover.

Employee Details:

  • Human resources managers strive to staff a diverse and balanced workforce within the company. Therefore, they need to know exactly the demographic characteristics of their employees. 
  • This HR dashboard template allows them to analyze in-depth data on the individual employee's profile with personal information, current position, finances, performance and leadership chain.

Performance Analysis:

  • Employee performance reviews help HR teams and business leaders understand the effectiveness, satisfaction, and goal achievement of their employees.
  • They include an analysis of performance taking into account various criteria such as length of service, seniority and gender.


  • Employees are a company's most important asset. This HR dashboard includes an analysis of training and costs in different categories, e.g. by department and training type.

Vacation Analysis:

  • This dashboard helps HR teams determine the average total leave taken by employees.
  • It includes analysis of annual leave and sick leave in various categories, such as business unit, age, reason, leave type, date, and annual leave cost analysis.


  • This dashboard is designed to monitor absenteeism and provide a comprehensive understanding of the problem.
  • It contains key HR indicators that can help you identify the origin of the phenomenon. 
  • It is a copy of the absence analysis, but only from the point of view of absence due to illness.

Fluctuation analysis:

  • Understanding employee turnover is an important part of understanding their satisfaction and an initial insight into the possible causes of turnover in organizations.
  • This dashboard includes an analysis of attrition, broken down into voluntary and involuntary attrition and by various categories such as length of service, seniority, gender or age.

Predicting employee turnover:

  • This dashboard includes a turnover forecast analysis for each employee, where you can view the likelihood of an employee leaving based on relevant factors.

9-box performance grid:

  • Use one of the most well-known performance appraisal tools, the 9-Box Performance Grid, to identify future leaders and high-potential employees - think succession planning.

Learn how HR Analytics Accelerator opens up new digital paths for your company.

We are happy to help you introduce HR Analytics Accelerator dashboards and reports to support HR decisions in your organization with a hands-on introduction in a test environment or a live demo by a solution expert.