LMS365 offers a future-proof learning infrastructure

as part of the Digital Workplace.

LMS365 - Learning platform in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Your employees form the basis for the productivity and profitability of the company. Qualified employees are therefore your greatest capital and development opportunities are crucial points in order to effectively deploy your employees in the company and keep them in the long term. Continuous and targeted training is essential. It is equally important to make it as easy and flexible as possible for employees to access your learning resources.

In a learning platform you will find all your learning content collected in one place. The range of application of a learning platform is diverse and there are hardly any limits to its use:

Managers can develop leadership courses to prepare new business leaders, the next project launch can be published for the project team and employees receive new qualifications for completing the course on the new software.

The LMS365 digital learning platform not only offers the potential for internal training and courses but can also simplify and automate many processes. For example, during onboarding, selected courses can be combined that are individually selected for the new employee's field of activity.

LMS365 enables you to intuitively create, distribute and manage course content in the familiar Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment. This digital learning platform makes it easy to make learning appealing and accessible, while allowing your employees to use training time efficiently and flexibly. You can also keep track of your employees' learning progress: clear success dashboards and automatic notifications if a course is not completed successfully and within the specified time allow you to evaluate the learning process at any time.

Advanced training at the Digital Workplace

  • The only learning platform integrated with Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and teams
  • Keep track of the objectives and track the progress of your employees
  • Enable effective further education: via app on your mobile phone or computer - flexible access to courses and learning content from anywhere and at any time
  • Make learning a team affair: Gamification, quizzes and high scores can make the learning environment appealing and social

Solution Overview

LMS365 offers fast and intuitive operation by integrating into your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Your advantages with the learning platform LMS365 

user experience

The involvement of employees is the basis of an effective learning strategy. With LMS365, each learner is responsible for his or her own dashboard and is informed about upcoming or newly added courses. A committed learning culture can be promoted, for example, through internal competitions such as weekly rankings.        

training plans

LMS365 provides the ability to group specific courses together as training plans. This offers added value for new projects, for example, as the sequence of courses can be determined. In this way, understanding is built up through the prerequisites you have determined before the training can be continued.

Built in Microsoft Teams

With integration into Microsoft Teams, your employees don't even have to interrupt your workflow but can access their personal dashboard, course catalog or training plans directly from the application. This makes learning a part of your daily work with LMS365.

Course & Content Management

The learning platform LMS365 offers a wide range of course management tools. Use the Learning Module Builder to fill your courses with a variety of content: Documents, diagrams, presentations, quizzes, videos and anything else you think might be useful.

LMS365 - Learning Management for Microsoft Office 365

LMS365 Feature Highlights

The digital and flexible learning portal for your employees

Dashboard LMS365 Learning

Integration into your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment

Expand your digital workplace by integrating LMS365 into the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

An integration into the existing Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment enables seamless processes and efficient working with familiar tools and applications. Your employees can learn and work on one platform.

Dashboard of the LMS365 learning platform for tracking learning progress in the Digital Workplace

Tracking & reporting of learning progress

Improve your training by continuously monitoring the behavior and tendencies of your learners.

Reporting and tracking learning progress is an important part of any company training. Compliance training is essential to demonstrate that employees are following the latest rules and regulations. To continuously improve the skills of your employees, the task becomes much more efficient by tracking their progress.

Flexible & mobile learning

Adapt your learning platform to the needs of your employees - learning from anywhere and at any time through the mobile application.

Supplement the modern digital workplace with flexible learning via the LMS365 App. Learners can keep up to date with the latest courses, check their rankings or take an online training course on the way to work.


Certifications & Compliance

Simplify the process of certification management or compliance reporting

By automating the process of delivering up-to-date company content, such as health, privacy, financial regulations or security, you can manage and ensure that your employees are informed and trained. You can track which employees still need to be certified through read receipts and questionnaires, for example.

LMS365 Dynamics Hubdrive HR Management Integration

HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Linking talent and personnel management with LMS365

Hubdrive is the world's leading provider of the complete HR solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power platform. Since the beginning of 2020, customers can now also benefit from all LMS365 functions in the HR solution through seamless integration with Job Profiles, training and career planning. 

Find out how LMS365 opens up new digital ways for your business.

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