Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Here comes your sales transformation - sell smarter with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Get the right information about your customers and get closer to their needs. With a structured customer relationship management, you can score consistently from the lead from the marketing department, to the sales process, to the customer order and lift your revenue rate.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CRM system that supports your sales team via the automation of processes beyond automating processes. Seamless integrations of your tools into the Dynamics 365 system that you use on a day-to-day basis, such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), increase efficiency in the sales team. By mapping the processes of lead-to-cash and enabling sales reps to score their leads using state-of-the-art scoring models to accurately score the customer, you have visibility into the sales opportunities that are right for you to achieve a higher close rate. These functionalities contribute to a higher authenticity towards the customer and the entry into smart selling.

Through standardized business process flows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as your CRM system, you achieve a higher success rate with your potential sales opportunities and, most importantly, higher customer satisfaction. With the help of structured
customer relationship management and the possibility of integrations of already known Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook or Excel, it is possible to respond to customers proactively and with increased responsiveness. Among the Social Selling - functionalities includes the Playbook, which allows you to enforce best practices and gain more control over your administration in the sales process. Deliver a unique customer experience - from the initial contact of the potential lead to the business lunch of the long-time existing customer. Always keep track of your numbers and current customer information. Understand your customer's needs and business model in detail and make sure you place the right offer with the customer.

The structuring of sales processes and targeted work on the right sales opportunities

  • Evaluate your customers using state-of-the-art scoring models in the lead and opportunity processes
  • Integrate your everyday tools like Outlook into Dynamics 365 Sales to track e-mails, contacts, appointments or tasks. This way you work more efficiently and create an excellent communication basis with the customer
  • Build your own structured sales process, set targets for your sales teams and measure success
  • Automate sales process chains on the Power Platform with the Power Automate tool and create your company's own forecast via sales dashboards using Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Sales Solution

Your advantages through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Focus on pure sales

With a noticeable time saving in the administrative processes, the focus can be more on the sales and the right customers.    


Accelerate your sales processes

By automating manual processes with the Power Automate tool, your sales processes can be accelerated. Furthermore, you have the integration options to connect communication tools such as Outlook or Microsoft Teams to Dynamics 365. 

The right sales activities in due course through SmartSelling 

Right action is implemented with contextual AI. Make decisions based on real-time data collection and recommendations for action, which are through dedicated Data and AI algorithms. Increase your sales through pipeline pipeline analyses, insights in business transactions and relationship analysis.

Structured customer relationship management

Use the latest scoring models to precisely evaluate your customers and make the right purchasing decisions at an early stage. Recommendations for action recommended to a salesperson by the system based on specific data and AI algorithms.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - How to accelerate your digital selling with Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Best Practice Implementation in just a few weeks  

Our Standard Packaged Services Offering, standardise a project from A to Z and provide predictable cost, scope and timeframe for adding value to your business. INKUBIT has developed a 9-day standardised Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) implementation package, which specialises in, among other things, the provision of the solution from the cloud, its implementation and customisation, the data import, as well as the end user training of the solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Feature Highlights

Smart Selling and redesigning the sales process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as your CRM system.

Intelligent distribution

Smart and contextual analysis can provide early insights into your potential sales opportunities. Enable your sales team to achieve high deal success rates through features such as

Enable your sales team to achieve a high success rate in deals through features such as

  • Higher response rate
  • Contextual Insights
  • Identifying opportunities and risks early on

Lead to Order, Order to Cash

Always keep an overview of the sales process.

The classic CRM processes receive a completely new impact through, among other things, these functionalities:

  • Lead and opportunity exploitation
  • Most modern scoring models
  • Business process flows
  • Lead and opportunity exploitation
  • Most modern scoring models
  • Business process flows
Microsoft 365

Seamless integrations such as Microsoft 365

Give your employees the feeling of not having to leave the comfort zone.

With the integration possibilities of e.g. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) you increase your sales productivity and the self-confidence of your employees.

  • Increase sales productivity
  • Improve coordination between marketing and sales
  • Joint, location-independent working

Social Selling with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Get better insights into your leads with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, providing the opportunity for a more personal, authentic introduction to your customers

  • Enforce proven sales methods through Playbooks
  • Meaningful Insights
  • Combining relationship data and processes

Personal commitment and authenticity

Build up a good relationship with your customers by keeping up to date with the latest developments.

  • Clearly arranged contacts through organigrams
  • Personalization of sales documents
  • Collect survey results through Customer Voice
  • Proactive customer relationship management

Focus on pure sales

With Dynamics 365 Sales you save time and money. Take advantage of the opportunity to use administration and sales from a single source.

  • Minimization of routine tasks
  • Time savings through modern sales support
  • Reduction of training needs

Find with Dynamics 365 Sales the ways to smart selling and digitalization within your sales processes in your company.

We will be happy to help you discover the Dynamics 365 applications for supporting your employees, sustaining customer loyalty and optimizing processes during a practical introduction to a test environment or a live demonstration by a solution expert.

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