Before you launch a campaign you will want to define the target market. Here for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the possibility to create “marketing lists”. Marketing lists are lists of contacts, firms or leads, which have one or more characteristics in common. They can be either created manually or by using search options (“advanced find”). The latter allows you to search for specific contacts, accounts or leads filed in the system and filter them by specific criteria. Using filter options, one could for example create a list of contacts, which live in the same country or city, without having to look through all contacts. This is extremely useful and saves a massive amount of time. To create a marketing list using search options follow these steps:

Click on either the sales or marketing module and go to „Marketing Lists“.

 Marketinglists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Click on the „+“ symbol to create a new marketing list. Fill out the required fields and click on „save“.

Marketing list form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Once you have done so, go to the “members” area within the form and click on the „+“ symbol to add members to your list.

Adding members to a marketing list with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Chose from the provided filter options to filter contacts, accounts or leads by certain criteria.

Managing Members of a marketing list in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Click on „Add using Advanced Find“ to perform a criteria based search.

Searching for members of a marketing list with "advanced find" Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Define the filter criteria and click on "Find".

 Adding members to a marketing list usinng search options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Add the search results to your marketing list by clicking on „add to marketing list“. As an alternative you can also use „advanced find“ to browse the above listed entities and find the members you need for your marketing list.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 distinguishes between static and dynamic marketing lists. Whereas static lists do not change once defined, dynamic lists automatically update data sets based on the filter criteria and the entity chosen, meaning once a new entity, which meets this criteria, is created in the system, this new entity is automatically added to the marketing list.

static and dynamic marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Should a member of the marketing list show interest in buying products after the campaign was launched,  the “campaign response” can be converted into an opportunity or order.

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