Sales staff in your company should be provided with new tools for increasing productivity in the sales area. At the same time, higher productivity should always be accompanied by an improvement in customer care. In order to better maintain customer relationships and business contacts, it is necessary to be able to better track and analyze the interests and activities of those involved. Also, the chosen time of your sales activity is an important aspect to achieve the desired effect of your e-mail.


Microsoft Dynamics E-Mail Engagement


With the Dynamics 365 email commitment functionality, it is possible to create statistics with Microsoft Power BI about the email activities of the recipient, which were written and distributed in Dynamics CRM 365. In detail, you have the following options with the e-mail commitment functionality:

  • See if the recipient has opened messages, clicked links, downloaded attachments, or already replied.


Dynamics E-Mail Engagement Activity Tracking


  • Instant alerts when you first open an e-mail.


Dynamics E-Mail Engagement Notifications



  • Determine the most effective time, and get the Relationship Assistant's suggestions for the best time, taking into account the time zone of the recipient.


Dynamics E-Mail Engagement Date / Time Setting


  • Choose the best template for your message with suggestions based on your recent email history with the contact.


Dynamics E-Mail Engagement Templates


  • Set up reminders to check the status of important e-mails.


Dynamics E-Mail Engagement Reminder


  • Get an overview of all e-mail activities or a summary of important key figures.


Dynamics E-Mail Engagement Microsoft Power BI