Defining goals and monitoring goal achievement

To measure staff productivity one must define goals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to create goals with the corresponding goal metric (e.g. Turnover in Euro), target value (e.g. 10.000 Euros), goal owner (employee, which defined the goal) and time-frame (e.g. achievement within a month). These goals can be assigned to employees or teams within an organization. If you wish to create and assign a goal, choose from one of the core areas within the CRM system (Sales/Service/Marketing) and click on „goals”. Within the view displayed you will find a list of all goals, which have been created in the past. To create a new goal, click on the „+” icon. You will then be asked to fill out a form containing information on the new goal. Remember to fill out the required fields such as goal description, goal owner, goal metric and fiscal year. Search options help you to find and enter the correct data. To save all entered information click on the „save” button.

Creating goals with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After creating the new goal, more options will be available, which were blinded out before. Users can now change the status of the goal to “closed” or “discarded”. Users will do this when they have either achieved a goal or discarded it. Both options will lead to the deactivation of that specific goal. Should you want to delete the entire data set then click on „delete”. Users also have the possibility to create a goal based on a document. In order to do so one has to create a template. The data within the document will then be used to create a goal. Also users are provided with a variety of reporting functions, so one can better analyze goal achievement. These are only a few of the many functions the system has to offer.

Further options when creating goals with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To further define goals one can create so called „Rollup Queries”. They determine how an entity is to be filtered by. To create a "Rollup Query" either click on the "Rollup Queries" button within the goal form or click on the navigation option "Rollup Queries", which can be found under "Goals". Click on the „+” symbol to create a new „Rollup Query”. You are then asked define the required entity and the criteria to categorize this entity. Users can see a preview of the filter results by clicking on „View Records”.

Creating Rollup Queries with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Users can also customize the goal metric. To do so choose one of the core areas within the CRM system (Marketing/Sales/Service) and click on „Goal Metrics” under “Goals”. When clicking on the „+” symbol an action field will appear. Here you must fill in the marked fields. After saving the data entered, you will find your new goal metric within the goal form.

Creating goal metrics with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Within the time span in which the goal is to be achieved both goal owner and goal achiever can see in how far a goal has been achieved and whether the target goal is realistic. To track goal achievement simply take a look at the „Actuals” area within the goal form. The field „percentage Achieved” shows you to what extent the goal has been achieved.