An organization continually strives to increase turnover. In this regard, one must keep an eye on all costs as well as measuring and monitoring the success and profitability of all business activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a variety of functions, which help you to do just so. Systemized reports, such as the „Sales history Report” give you an insight on staff performance. The „sales history report” displays the generated and lost turnover. One can further analyze this information by making use of a variety of filter options. (e.g. one can see the performance of a specific employee or team). Results are displayed in the form of diagrams. By clicking on the diagram users can see the data used for its creation. The data shown varies dependent of the report. In the case of the “Sales History Reports” one can see how the turnover was generated by clicking on the turnover bar.

Measuring success with Microsoft Dynamics

Reports can easily be created using the report wizard. With the help of this tool you can create customized reports.

Report Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics

Both systemized and customized reports can be exported to Excel, Adobe, XML, MHTML and Word. For quick decision-making there are customizable diagrams and dashboards. The latter offers users an overview of information most relevant to the specific user. „Dashboards” can contain a variety of diagrams and diagram types as well as lists and web resources. By clicking on the diagrams one can see the data used to create that specific diagram. Diagrams help to visualize the performance of an individual or team. One can choose from a variety of diagram types which can be used within different views. For example one can filter information displayed within the “opportunities” view by clicking on the diagram icon.

Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All in all, one can say that the above mentioned functions are very useful to measure and control staff performance and the performance of various departments within an organization. Whilst the report wizard offers and easy and effective way to create customized reports, dashboards are great for quick decision making.

In-depth success control is essential for increasing company success and helps to evaluate the performance of individual employees, departments as well as the productivity of all organisational activities. Microsoft not only strives to offer its clients useful analysing functions but also a variety of functions to increase productivity and efficiency. Click here and find more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.