Microsoft has acquired FantasySalesTeam, a sales gamification platform developed by Incent Games Inc., which has already helped hundreds of companies to improve sales productivity and increase sales turnover. This platform enables closer collaboration between sales employees and promotes team based competition. Especially the latter leads to better CRM adoption and an increase in turnover. Microsoft clients will soon be able to benefit from the creative and popular features this new product has to offer.

Whilst all incentive programs and competitions have a positive effect on sales performance, a lot of them are deficient: Often only top-performers benefit from incentive programs, while the rest of the team tends to draw back as soon as they realize they have fallen behind. FantasySalesTeam has addressed this problem by offering a creative and tailor-made way to develop effective incentive mechanisms.

The latter involves an original incentive system, which combines gamification with fantasy sports and is suited to the requirements of the Sales department. The FantasySalesTeam platform is extremely effective when it comes to encouraging collaboration, increasing sales productivity and improving sales performance. Team based competition and the involvement of non-sales employees (such as marketing employees and sales employees) help to improve staff performance. Individual and team results become highly visible, driving both competition as well as collaboration and creating a positive, performance orientated environment.

So far there is no comparable product to be found on the market. This product has revolutionized team building in the sales setting and its impact on sales performance is astonishing:

  • Service Corporation International recently ran a pilot project with 130 sales reps and compared their performance to almost 700 others. Those employees using FantasySalesTeam on average closed 88 percent more deals at 213 percent the average contract value.
  • Wireless Zone saw a 9 percent increase in profit in the first month after the implementation of FantasySalesTeam.

These are just two of the many case studies, which show the results that can be achieved with this powerful tool.

As Microsoft has focused on improving productivity and customer success, this acquisition is a great fit. To help drive CRM adoption Microsoft is integrating FantasySalesTeam into Dynamics 365. Microsoft strives to provide the best solutions, which help companies to exploit their full potential and impact revenue growth.

In the coming months, Microsoft will integrate its newly acquired product into the CRM ecosystem and will continue to support customers using FantasySalesTeam with other CRM solutions. The potential of applying this feature to other fields and areas within a business is exciting as well. These possibilities will be evaluated by Microsoft in further detail as soon as FantasySalesTeam has been integrated and evolved.

FantasySalesTeam delivers a unique, original and innovative answer to old age challenges. It’s the very embodiment of reinventing productivity, which Microsoft welcomes as a driver of innovation. Microsoft is looking forward to share these great capabilities with its customers and explore ways to expand this concept to other areas of the business.