It seems that Salesforce dominant position in the Sales Software business is coming to an end, according to the current Forrester Wave Report.  In the recently released report, for the second quarter of 2017, Microsoft has gone beyond SalesForce position with its Dynamics 365 solution. This has made Microsoft a big success, which has been gaining ground in the sales software sector for years and is increasingly becoming the main competitor for SalesForce.


Ranking Dynamics Forrester Report


It would not be surprising if Microsoft makes another big leap forward in the next Forrester WaveReport. The reason for this is that the report for the evaluation, the 2016 release, has been used. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the seamless integration of Outlook and Office 365 into the Dynamics 365 world will justify the competition, such as Oracle, SAP, or SalesForce, to the cost-intensive pricing model.


How did Microsoft manage to take the lead?

Under the leadership of Satya Nadalla, Microsoft has gained more and more strength. It has been heavily invested in areas such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Forrester cites the reason for the success of Microsoft's focus on increasing sales productivity. In addition to the future plans with the platform LinkedIn, these are the main reasons why Microsoft is on a success with Dynamics 365.

In the past, Sales Software has focused on reporting and analysis. With the seamless integration of Outlook and Office 365, Microsoft has, however, managed to increase the productivity for employees in the field. Employees no longer have to switch between applications, which is a big time-saver. According to, switching to an integrated platform saves employees 53 minutes a day. The time, which means that a sales representative exclusively deals with the sale, increases from 22% to 33%.

The results of the Forrester report on Dynamics 365 are as follows:

"Microsoft is a best fit for companies looking to capitalize on the productivity gains of their other Microsoft cloud investments, namely Office 365, and those companies that are bullish and looking to disrupt their peers with AI and machine learning."


Forrester sees Microsoft on the right way, to rule over the competition with its current strategy. We are already looking forward to the next report and how far Microsoft can stand out from the competitors.


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