With Microsoft Social Engagement it is possible to network with customers, partners or interested parties on social media platforms in real time. The tool allows you to find out what social media users think about a particular company. Through the sales, marketing and service applications, employees can actively engage with the users. With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can measure not only your own performance, but also that of your competitors.

Dynamics Social Engagement


Areas of Microsoft Social Engagement:

  • Social Listening: Comprehensive tracking of customers, competitors and campaigns in social networks. Notifications of the latest trends in the relevant markets and a list of the most used keywords.
  • Social Analytics: Visualization of the different user groups in charts. For example, it is possible to show the biggest fans or the biggest critics in a chart or a collection. The sentiment analysis shows how users are responsible for the contributions posted (positive or negative). This is done using the like buttons and the analysis of the words under a contribution.
  • Social Engagement: The key to aggregating the data on the various interfaces and processing social media data.
  • Social CRM: Microsoft Social Engagement is fully integrated into the sales, marketing and service applications. The information obtained can be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on dashboards or on the entities such as Contact or Campaign.


Social Engagement Features


The various social engagement dashboards facilitate the analysis of existing data from the various social media channels. By visually filtering the widgets, for example by sorting negative and positive sentiments, Microsoft Social Engagement provides the responses to contributions quickly and easily.

Social Engagement Dashboard


On the dashboard you can see the country from which most contributions come, which authors are the most active, and on which platform the shared contributions have the highest response rates.

Social Engagement Dashboard


Sentiment analysis is designed to improve understanding of what users think about companies, products, or services. Graphical performance analyzes can be made from shared contributions, whether these were taken positively or rather negatively.

Social Engagement Dashboard


Each contribution and the associated comments can be displayed within the CRM. The navigation allows you to react directly to the contributions and to edit them. Divided into internal and external actions, Microsoft Social Engagement allows control of the various social media channels.

Social Engagement Dashboard


In addition, there are still opportunities in the Social Center to get into direct contact with fans and critics. In the so-called Message Center, everyone can decide for themselves which contributions or trends are important to him and the corresponding notifications are set.

Altogether, Microsoft Social Engagement can be a really helpful tool to keep track of all social media activities. For smaller companies, however, the added value is limited by the small number of social media activities. Larger companies already using Microsoft Customer Engagement, but should definitely take a look at it.

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