While many of the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 features look promising, we would like to highlight the new and improved search options. You can now find the search function in the top navigation bar. Moreover, these improved search capabilities go along with more customization and configuration options and an overall better feel when performing a search in CRM.

If you want to use the search bar at the top right, you can simply type in the respective keyword to get started. By pressing “Enter” or clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the right, your search will get on its way. The use of the “*” as a wildcard character has been added. By entering the term “business” and the “*” are now able to perform a search for all records that contain the word “business”, for example.

Moreover, this new feature will enable you to perform a search for up to 10 entities at once. These entities can be customized by any user that has the appropriate level of access. An “Advanced Find” Option is also going to be part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This feature can help you with performing a more complex search.

 Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The improved end user interface that the search results page will be sporting is yet another plus. The location of the record will be taken into account and the search results will be displayed accordingly. If you would rather search only one or two entities, you can utilize the drop-down menu in order to limit your search in this way.

 Search Options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In order to change the “Search Box” settings, you will need to access the “System Settings” page and have the appropriate level of access. You can now customize any of the 10 entities that make up the search box. In the future, you can expect to perform a search for any record within CRM with a whole lot more ease thanks to these new and improved search capabilities.

 Improved Search options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can not only quickly find the information they need, but also use data to perform in-depth analysis, bind customers and win new customers. Discover all the useful functions Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. Also learn how to use other Microsoft products such as Office Delve and Microsoft Power BI to gain Knowledge from existing data.