Microsoft markets Microsoft teams as the "central location for teamwork" with Office 365 applications. And in fact, the application is fully designed for the collaboration of team members. Originally introduced as a tool to make it easier for Office 365 users to operate "Office Groups", Microsoft's teams have gained more and more users through continuous development. Autonomous work of team employees is becoming increasingly popular in companies. According to a study by the Technical University of Darmstadt, the efficiency is increased by a high use of modern technologies. Read more about how Microsoft Teams improves team collaboration in the following blog article.


Microsoft Teams INKUBIT


As already mentioned earlier, Microsoft Teams provides access to other applications in the Office 365 package. For example, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Outlook are already integrated into teams. Right from the start, the systems are connected to each other with no additional costs. The data are, as usual at Microsoft, secured and encrypted with the highest standards.

Microsoft Teams – The Structure

The menu in Microsoft Teams goes as follows: Activity, Chat, Teams, Meetings, Call, and Files. In addition, there is an extended menu. The menu items here depend on which applications were downloaded from the store.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Activity

The Activity Tab provides a quick overview of all the activities that have taken place in the teams. Alternatively, you can only check your own activities.

Microsoft Teams – Chat

Chat is probably the most elemental feature in Microsoft teams. Here is it possible to communicate privately with other users, regardless their team membership. Skype for Business is seamlessly integrated into teams and chat conversations can be converted into video chats at any time.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Teams

In this menu item, you can create teams and manage the team members for the teams you have already created. The channel "General" is created directly while creating the team and can be viewed by default by all members of the team. All team members are kept up to date on the activities of the group. Additional channels can be added as needed. For the additional channels, the users must be added manually. So not all team members are automatically part of the conversation. Be careful when deleting teams, all stored documents and files will be deleted!

Here you can communicate with the members via the various channels, share posts and documents. The whole thing is very simple and can be spiced up with emoticons, gifs and memes. A post in a channel can be answered or commented immediately.

Microsoft Teams

It is also possible to expand the tab in the channels with additional applications. Thus, it is possible to add an Excel file on which the entire team can work on. In addition, even data from SAP and Dynamics 365 CRM can be integrated and queried.

Microsoft Teams – Meetings

Meetings will display your personal Outlook appointments, as well as from the teams.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Calls

If you have set up landline number for Skype for Business, you can view the different contacts of the teams here and if necessary call them directly. Of course, it is also possible to manually dial a number and start a call.

Microsoft Teams

 Microsoft Teams – Files

Under Files you can either view all recently used Office documents, those of the different teams or all your business files on OneDrive. Under Downloads you have the possibility to view all recently downloaded files.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Fazit

A lot has happened since the first release and Microsoft Teams has evolved into a mature product that makes team collaboration a whole lot more efficient. Theoretically, all communication and collaboration in teams could take place in this application without opening a single Office 365 application. In the meantime, even a completely free version of teams is available and does not require an Office 365 license. Of course, this free version has some limitations, such as a maximum group size of 300 people and a limited number of chat messages. However, for beginners and smaller teams it offers enough opportunities to collaborate successfully.