Microsoft Dynamics 365 will guide you throughout the entire marketing process and sales process from identifying leads to closing contracts. In this article we will take a closer look at the order process. To evaluate whether the offered services and products meet the customer’s needs, one will send that customer a quote containing product information and prices. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can create quotes based on opportunities. All the product information, contact information and price information included in the opportunity form will be inherited, when converted to a quote. This quickens the order process and relieves employees. To create a quote based on an opportunity chose one of the modules within the CRM system and go to „opportunities”. Click on the opportunity you wish to convert to a quote. Go to the “quotes” are within the opportunity form and click on the “+” button to create a new quote.

Opportunity to Quote process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By clicking on the created quote the quote form will appear. Here you will have access to more functions. To make use of these functions you must fill out the required fields and activate the quote by clicking on “activate Quote”. You can then add an address to your quote. Use the Lookup-function to quickly find the address you are looking for. You can also print out the quote and send it to a customer by clicking on „print quote for customer“. Users also have the possibility to share content with other users.

Quote form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The customer’s reaction towards the quote decides how the next step will look like. Should the customer not agree with the conditions of the quote or wish for changes, the quote must be edited. Should the customer reject the offer, the order process will be ended. In Microsoft Dynamics quotes can be marked as „lost“ and be either deleted or cancelled. When marking a quote as „lost“, an action field appears. Within this action field, employees can add a comment and explain why the offer was rejected. For example, the customer might have opted for a competitor. In this case you can attach a competitor to the action field by selecting an already existing competitor record or creating a new competitor record. This is important for analysis purposes. When a customer decided to acquire services or products defined in the quote, this quote will be marked as „won“ and can be converted to an order.

Order process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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