Microsoft introduces a new suite of features called Relationship Insights. This feature continually analyzes all the interaction data of customers stored in the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Exchange databases to better understand their business relationships and evaluate their activities to date. Relationship Insights includes Relationship Assistant, E-mail Engagement, and AutoCapture.

Relationship Insights Dynamics 365


The RelationshipAssistant has been specially designed to display the most important and relevant information in relation to the current customer interactions efficiently and sorted by priority.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • Continuous analysis of interaction and communication. As a result, so-called action cards
    Reminder of upcoming activities
  • Suggestions at which time an inactive customer should be contacted
  • Pending replies to e-mails
  • Notification of opportunities close to the closing date


The above-mentioned Action Cards are sorted by priority and contain a brief summary as well as a collection of recommended actions. Sorting is always based on the current context.

Dynamics Relationship Assistant


In detail, the whole thing can look like this, an ActionCard notifies the user that an opportunity is close to the closing date. At the same time is informed about missing activities in connection with this opportunity.

Dynamics Action Card Opportunity


Another option would be to suggest a potential meeting with a customer via a received email. This is possible by continuously scanning the e-mails to identify a possible need for action.

Action Card Dynamics Meeting


The ActionCard just mentioned can only be generated if you use Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Exchange Online as an e-mail server. When you receive an e-mail, Exchange and Dynamics 365 interact through an interface and scan the e-mail for specific words and phrases. This process identifies whether an e-mail has relevance to Dynamics 365. If the system detects a relevance, an action card with possible action needs to be generated for the user. Each signal type (opportunity, meeting, lead, etc.) has its own card with different recommendations for action.

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