With the release of version 9.0 of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Advanced Search has been enhanced so that there are now new ways to summarize and analyze your CRM data. For example, it is now possible to sort records that explicitly have no relation to a specific entity. In the previous versions, this was only possible in reverse. This creates new possibilities of analysis which we would like to introduce to you shortly.

Before the Update you could, through a little workaround narrow down your search area to records which for example have any Leads associated with:

But, thgouth the new Feature you are now able to filter the Data records for those which do not have any Leads associated with:

Accordingly you could also connect these clauses in order to, for example search for Contacts, which have new Leads, but do not have any Opportunities associated with:

But be aware: You can group relation based filter criteria only with an "AND" group. In this example the grouping would look like this:

We hope that this example has helped you to further expand your analysis capabilities in the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 version. Take advantage of untapped potential and stay one step ahead of your competitors!