Global option sets play an important role within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Option sets, also referred to as “drop downs” or “pick lists”, are field types which can be created in Microsoft Dynamics 365. An option set contains a list of predefined options, which a user can choose from. Compared to a regular text field, one hasn´t got the possibility to manually type in data and can only choose from the provided options.

Global option sets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Whilst global option sets and regular option sets work in the same way, there is a decisive difference between the two. Compared with regular option sets, global option sets can be applied to different entities in different in various contexts.

 Global option sets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How to create global option sets

Go to “settings” and click on „adaptions". After doing so choose the option “system adaptions”. In a further step click on the “option sets” tab. Within this view you will see the global option sets, which have already been created.

To create a new option set click on the “new” button in the upper left-hand corner.

Creating option sets with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Please make sure, that you fill in the required fields.

 Creating option sets with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The „display name“ field must be filled in. You should choose a name with a high value of recognition, to make sure the end user can quickly find the option set you have created.

By clicking on the "+"-symbol you can add an item. With a double click on the item of your choice you can define its name. Click on the “+” symbol again to add further items. Make sure you give each item a name. The “value” field is automatically filled out and shouldn´t be changed.

Adding items to option sets with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After editing all items, you can close the option sets form. You have now successfully created a global option set!

 Option sets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Adding global option sets to entity forms

It is time to add the newly created option set to an entity form of your choice.

Adding option sets to entity forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you wish to add a further field to an existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 entity form and wish to make use of the newly created option set choose „option set“ as the required data type. You can now answer the question whether you wish to use an existing option set or not with either “yes” or “no”. Simply fill in the „yes“ or „no“ button. Now you can get going with your new option set.

In conclusion, global option sets help users to simplify organisational processes and thereby make them more efficient. Would you like to learn more about how to increase efficiency and productivity? Here you will find more information on the many useful features and functions Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer.