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"Data is the fuel of the 21st century and business intelligence is the engine" - Niels Jung

"Business Intelligence" describes the automation of controlling, reporting, planning and forecasting as well as company functions such as market and customer analysis. All data from various systems (such as ERP, CRM) are used to quickly find valid answers to different questions in a dynamic company environment. The situation of your company can not only be assessed, but various perspectives can be illuminated, which allow a flexible adaptation to the current conditions of the market. As an enterprise user, you can still make sound business decisions based on these data.

In order for these important strategic and operational decisions to be made at the right moment, an evaluation of the unstructured data is crucial. This leads to more transparency and is an essential competitive factor for your organization. INKUBIT always focuses on the individual needs of your company and offers tailor-made solutions for analytical data evaluation. The analysis is not performed in the ERP systems, but in a separate data base, the data warehouse (DWH). This has many reasons:

  • No appropriate structuring of the data
  • No evaluation possible across several systems / databases
  • Missing competition data or research results
  • Irregular utilization of the reporting system by evaluations / analyzes
  • Permanent adjustment of the data in the ERP system, very relevant for international systems

The first step is therefore to transfer the data to be analyzed to the data warehouse. This is done by extracting the data from the ERP system, transforming it and loading it into the data warehouse (ETL process). Only when these data are available can the analytical evaluation begin. We offer INKUBIT the following services:

  • Creation of reports (e.g. KPIs and metrics)
  • Automated monitoring
  • Individualized financial reporting and cost measurement
  • Optimization of planning processes
  • Scorecards and Dashboard Management
  • Data governance and data quality management
  • Trend analysis of customer behavior
  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Supply Chain Reporting
  • Profitability analysis
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Introduction of flexible IT solutions
  • Optimized consolidated financial statements



Trust in the competence of INKUBIT and let us analyze your company data together so that you will soon be able to find all the answers to the following questions:

  • How well do you know your business?
  • How are your sales structured?
  • Which department is liquid?
  • Which employees are involved in which sales / who is most productive?
  • Which cost center overlays which budget?
  • With which products do you get the highest profit?
  • Who are your top-selling customers?

All these questions are hidden in unstructured data. Let us find and evaluate this data so that your company becomes transparent again.