Microsoft Dynamics 365
Project Operations

Deliver successful projects: Profitable, on time and within budget.

Enable your customers a smooth transition from sales activities to project commissioning. Deliver projects on time and on budget and exceed customer expectations. 

Dynamics 365 Project Operations combines sales, resources, project management and finance in a single application to help win more business, accelerate project delivery and maximise profitability. Extend Project Operations using the Microsoft Power Platform and integrate it with your existing systems. Enable seamless processes between sales and the project delivery team. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations gives you the ability to schedule projects and staff projects. Give your employees the opportunity for efficient project time tracking and increase employee utilisation. Ensure clear project controlling and enable your accounting team to invoice projects in time& material or fixed price mode.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can increase customer confidence and satisfaction by ensuring that project deliverables meet the terms of the contract. Keep budgets under control and analyse the financial success of your projects by visualising costs, efforts and revenues. Features such as Customer Voice allow you to get real customer feedback and optimise your services based on survey results, as well as add this information within your customer data.

Digital transformation in project management

  • Plan and staff projects with the right people using features such as resource scheduling and Microsoft Project Integration
  • Visualize your project costs and efforts and compare them with the revenues
  • Win more bids with better contract management and more accurate project estimates, forecasts, estimates and targets
  • More precise management of your project's accounting and IFRS-compliant revenue recognition

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Project Operations Solution Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations supports you in a wide range of project management activities in your business. From project planning to project accounting, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you deliver projects on time and on budget.

Your advantages with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

One platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations uses the same platform as other applications in Microsoft's business application solutions. So you don't create more data silos and you use seamless integration with communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft 365.

Project Management KPIs

Whether highlighting project profitability in the bidding process or monitoring project budgets down to project task level, keep track of the right information and metrics with Microsoft Project Operations via dashboards and reports.

Time recording and Self-Service Skill Matrix

Enable your employees to quickly and easily record project times and maintain their skills within the employee profile. Assign the right and interesting projects to your employees and promote employee utilisation and data quality.

More success through project management

Manage projects flexibly with integrated, user-friendly Microsoft Project features such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations -
Deliver projects profitably, on time and on budget

Your standard implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations Best Practice Implementation in just a few weeks  

Our Standard Packaged Services Offering, standardise a project from A to Z and provide predictable cost, scope and timeframe for adding value to your business. In this standardised and packaged approach, we implement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations solution as close to standard as possible. In the end, you receive a finished, usable system - which can be adapted to your individual needs in a second step.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations Feature Highlights

Cover all areas of the project life cycle in one application: from potential customer prospects to invoicing.

Optimise resources

Measure the planned and actual workload of your employees using resource scheduling boards

Get the most out of billable resources. With the help of uniform planning tools , you carry out a competence and availability-based allocation of project staff.

Influence the sales cycle

Whether Excel or Outlook integration via Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) integration or Microsoft Power Automate and Forms Pro enable seamless integration.

Bring your customer data together in a unified view by using the already configured integration in Dynamics 365 Sales. This gives you actionable insights for personalised customer experiences.

Early recognition of project profitability

Get your sales people to work better with the project delivery team, see which project bids are profitable upfront and focus on the right clients.

Via a secure portal, you can effectively exchange information with your customers regarding project scope and resource requirements. Create project contracts directly from sales offers, which form the basis for invoicing.

Increased productivity through intuitive interface

Collect audio, video and document information in one place. Use the integration capability with MIcrosoft 365 (formerly Office 365) via Microsoft Teams , SharePoint and Outlook.

Enable your employees to work effectively with each other and identify possible delivery or budget bottlenecks at an early stage. Create a suitable platform for project time recording and comprehensively account for your projects.

Project budgeting and tracking

Whether time&material or fixed-price projects including billing of products or licenses, you can keep an overview of the project budget and costs.

Provide your project managers with intuitive interactive dashboards and thus enable comprehensive project controlling with the key figures relevant to you.

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations opens up new digital paths for your company.

We will be happy to help you discover the Dynamics 365 applications for supporting your employees, sustaining customer loyalty and optimizing processes during a practical introduction to a test environment or a live demonstration by a solution expert.