Microsoft Power Apps

Mobile apps, browser applications or classic desktop applications - create fast process innovation for your company with Microsoft Power Apps

Many companies face the challenge of implementing effectiveness, business process transformation and innovation at a high speed while stabilizing or even reducing IT costs.

Microsoft Power Apps as a so-called low-code / no-code platform for your business applications, enables you to implement the requirements of the different departments in a high speed and to provide mobile-, browser- or desktop-based applications in your company.

Avoid shadow IT and show alternatives to create applications with Microsoft Power Apps that increase the productivity of your company and your employees. Whether you need pre-built template applications as a basis for your support processes, warehouse management solutions or trade fair qualification forms at your events, use Microsoft Power Apps from the Microsoft Cloud as a SaaS solution without complicated setup and development of additional IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Power Apps integrate easily with all applications within the Microsoft Ecosystem, whether Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) applications such as Outlook or SharePoint to ERP applications such as SAP R/3 which can exchange data with your systems via so-called on-premise data gateways.

Microsoft Power Apps:

Fast innovation, fast results

  • Leverage Microsoft's leading low-code platform for process innovation and instant app deployment using an AI co-pilot. Increase the speed of your company's digital transformation.
  • Use native Microsoft Power Apps from any mobile device from iPhone to Microsoft Surface Tablets.
  • Reduce costs through shadow IT and enable managed IT, securely and centrally controlled.
  • Simply deploy Microsoft Power Apps in your IT infrastructure and enable integration with existing applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or SAP R/3.

Microsoft apps

According to a Gartner study from 2019, Microsoft Power Apps is one of the leading enterprise low-code application platforms. Benefit from the possibilities of business process standardization & mobility up to automation through artificial intelligence.

Your advantages through Microsoft Power Apps

One platform

Microsoft Power Apps runs on the same technology platform as other applications in Microsoft's business application solutions, so you don't create additional data silos.          

Easy application development

You and your team develop applications quickly and easily without limitations. Whether you are a non-technical team member from the specialist department or a former software developer, you can provide functions quickly and easily.

Fast data and process integration 

Create business applications that allow you to process data from different systems in just a few steps - whether via standard connector access or via API, connect Microsoft Power Apps with your IT systems.

Deployment at the click of a mouse

Deploy your business applications at top speed. Thanks to the Microsoft platform design, which is optimised for agile development, you don't have to build elaborate infrastructures and systems.

Autoglass optimises processes for field staff and call centre agents with Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps Feature Highlights

Rely on one of the leading low-code / no-code platforms and increase the speed for innovation, digital transformation and process efficiency.

Mobile, desktop and browser-based business applications for all platforms

Bring innovation to your business through mobile, desktop or browser-based business applications.

Rapid Application Development and Deployment on all major platforms, allows you and your staff to work from anywhere and on your preferred devices.

Microft Power Apps Portals - low code solution for responsive websites with portal functions

From web-based supplier to customer portals, improve collaboration with portal solutions and reduce manual processes.

Whether it is customer communication for product, service requests or the exchange of information with your suppliers; Microsoft Power Apps Portal offers web-based solutions for effective collaboration with your stakeholders and enables direct integration into your Microsoft Ecosystem such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Office 365 PowerApps - Integration

Build Power Apps on the Excel Sheets data base in your OneDrive or integrate Power Apps directly into your Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Power Apps fully integrates with Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Power Apps & Microsoft 365: the perfect combination.

Complete Office 365 integration - PowerApps: Leverage the power of integration with a wide range of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) applications and enable familiar interfaces for your employees to use Power Apps. Microsoft 365, in conjunction with Power Apps, enables organizations to seamlessly integrate Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, and connected data sources such as Excel files. This integration provides efficient workflows and improved data management capabilities, resulting in cost savings.

Microsoft's leading low code / no code platform

Focus on innovation and reduce costs for complex developments, deploy business applications in no time at all and generate practical added value in your company.

Microsoft Power Apps integrate with your existing Microsoft ecosystem and other business applications. You can use connectors to access any services in Azure or your application infrastructure managed in your own data centre.

Cloud & On-Premise Connectors - Integrate data & processes from anywhere 

Unlimited data and process connectivity through cloud & on-premise connectors allow the use of power apps and data transfer to existing systems.

Effectively exchange data with your existing enterprise applications, such as SAP applications, without building complex IT infrastructure. Standard connectors to a variety of systems within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem enable you to implement a fast data connection.

Microsoft Power Apps as drivers for the digital transformation of your company

Enable a rapid increase in efficiency and acceleration of digital transformation in your company through the power of the Microsoft Cloud, mobility and a rapid application development approach through Microsoft Low-Code / No-Code Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Apps to drive business transformation for your organization. Benefit from annual ROI averaging 188% over a three-year period, reduce application development costs by up to 74%, and enable an increase in employee productivity of up to 3.2 hours per week. Thus, with Power Platform and Power Apps, organizations can significantly reduce costs by simplifying app development.

Centralized reporting and application insights to optimize Power Apps

Centralized provisioning and monitoring of the state of your Power Apps enables faster error correction in case of failure. Centrally measure the utilization and usage of your Power Apps across your organization.

The built-in central Power Apps monitoring can be conveniently viewed via the administrative area of the Power Apps. Enable application insights and get direct feedback on possible misbehaviour or performance degradation of applications. Enable a rapid increase in the quality of your Power Apps.

Learn how Microsoft Power Apps can open up new digital ways for your business.

We can help you discover the Microsoft Power Apps applications to support your employees, retain customers, and streamline operations with a hands-on introduction to a test environment or a live demonstration by a solution expert.